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In Angry Birds vs. Megaman, the flock ally with the Robot Masters. Here are their powers.

Cut Man[]

Cut Man is widely known as the easiest and even the most formal boss in Megaman 1. His weapon is the Rolling Cutter, a rotating blade that deals quite a lot of damage.

The Rolling Cutter pierces through the pigs' structure with ease, but has little range.

Elec Man[]

Elec Man can easily be seen as a somewhat reckless choice for a Robot Master. His weapon is the Thunder Beam, which can be seen as the inspiration of the move Thundershock from Pokémon.

The Thunder Beam zaps nearby pigs, similar to the R2-D2 egg from Angry Birds Star Wars.

Ice Man[]

"Hey, look! It's Popo from Ice Climbe- *freezes*" - the last words of Mega Man when he first met Ice Man. Then he respawned. That's the Ice Slasher for you.

The Ice Slasher is a barrage of icy beams that turn nearby blocks and piggies into solid ice.

Bomb Man[]

Kablooey! As if there weren't enough explosions yet, Bomb Man joins the flock for dextra destruction! Take a taste of these Hyper Bombs, piggies!