Not to be confused with Rocket.

Rocket is a male bird. Originally he was gonna be a joke bird to go along with Angry Birds Go! Run.


When launched, Rocket flies faster than the other birds. He then launches 3 miniature rockets from the giant rocket on his back. When he’s not tapped to launch the mini rockets and he crashes, his rocket explodes.


Once, Rocket was simply just a normal bird who loved to read comic books. Especially superhero comics. He was one of the loyal readers of the Super Angry Birds series of comics. He used to tell his mom and dad that one day he would become a crime fighting superhero! When he was about 18 years old, Rocket began learning about building machines and weapons, including rockets. This was when he created his signature rocket. So when piggy trouble came crawling into his town, Rocket was already one step ahead of them. He unleashed his rockets and made to se pigs flee! To the town, he was a hero! Nowadays with a lot of birds keeping their eggs safe, Rocket is still seen as just as much a hero like those birds!


Rocket is rather cocky, but he’s known to be very loyal. He would never let anything hurt the birds, which is why he’s always on alert. Rocket thinks he doesn’t need to train even though some of his attack methods are very flawed. Rocket controls his anger quite well, but once you hurt something he holds dear, there will be a rocket party in your area. Seriously, don’t mess with his comics. He still loves them so much...


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