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General Info
Release Date: September 12, 2019
Levels: 30
Episode Number: 12
Previous Episode: Dead Marshes
Next Episode: Helm's Deep
Game(s): Angry Birds The Lord of the Rings

Rohan is the episode twelve from the new series Angry Birds LOTR, it is the 12th major location in the story and features the town of Rohan and continues the second part of the Quest of the Ring.


  • Cutscene 1: Gambombf, Redagorn, Gimles and Hallegolas arrive in Rohan.
  • Cutscene 2: They are disarmed there.
  • Cutscene 3: the cursed King Terencen orders his guards to kill them.
  • Cutscene 4: They face Hogrima Wormtongue.
  • Cutscene 5: King Terencen is saved, Hogrima is expelled, Rohan joins the War of the Ring.


  • Redagorn
  • Gambombf the White
  • Gimles
  • Hallegolas
  • King Terencen
  • Merry and Pippin


  • In this level, the boss is Hogrima.
  • Merry and Pippin split in this level.