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Rohoveyanic Magnificence
Genre Comedy
Created By Canjoro Alameduck
Music By Melville Bright

George J Flockingston
Miguel Sanchez
Yorker Kolfbird

Opening Theme "Life in a Day" --comp. Yorker Kolfbird
Closing Theme "Magnificent Art" --comp. George J Flockingston
Nation Rohoveyan
Origin Language English
Seasons 12
Episodes 236
Rated TV-PG/TV-14
Produced By Kularan Pictures
Published By Netflocks
Producers Jay Campbell

Dave Erslazer
Cornbright Hallow
José Martinez
Amnde Kulito

Developers Jay Campbell

Canjoro Alameduck
Varkins Daros
Amnede Kulito
Russel Harris
John Pörlak
Kulutak Falnkultuk
Cornbright Hallow
Melville Bright
Harley Simmons

Released On Oinkth 37, 2010
First Aired On Netflocks

Rohoveyanic Magnificence: A Tour of Art, Both Misguided and Elite, in Rohoveyan, typically shortened as Rohoveyanic Magnificence, is a TV show that first aired on Netflocks in 2010. It's an art show hosted by Canjoro Alameduck that explains great and terrible popular and entrapeuner art. He and his team of critics rate this art and have a good laugh about some very terrible paintings. But, it's not just paintings, sketches and drawings are included! Alameduck will also paint and draw his own amazing paintings, and guide you throw many seasons on how to be a good painter.



International Viewing

Rohoveyanic Magnificence can be viewed in all UNOPP nations, and is available in all languages of the WTO. Its original airing was available in English (original), French, Spanish, Porteugeuse, German, Russian, Bechturonish, Pigganian, and Vertonamese. Over the past 10 years, it is now available in 289 languages, some dubbed better than others.

Synopsis and Preview

The first synopsis was before the Netflocks air on Oinkth 4, 2010. This preview was available until Oinkth 37, 2010, when the synopsis was available before watching the show. The preview consisted of 5 video clips from the first season, and a multitude of images (37 to be exact) of the show in the first season. There's text as well that describes the show and what you'll be seeing as well as captions for the video clips and photos. Here's a close review of the headers:

Amazing Artistry!

1 video clip of Harris, Alameduck, and Campbell cracking jokes and rating art that's 1:21 minutes long. There are 4 captioned images on the side that show some really cool art.

"View art from all over the world, painting and drawings alike, that show amazing talent. Critics will and host Canjoro Alameduck will tell you why it's so great, and when there's even a slightest bit of improvement possible, Alameduck will tell you!"

Wacky Wonders

Shockingly Bad Creations

Art Time with Alameduck!

How 2 Paint!


Origins and Creation


The cast consists of many recurring people, and here they are:

Role Name Notes
Host Canjoro Alameduck Acclaimed, world-renowned artist and art critic famous for such paintings as "Duck at a Pond" and "Fresh Kaluks for Breakfast." He has a fun-loving, joking personality, and he's a great show host.
Critic Roald Duck A graphic designer who works on such games as Pigs Crossing, and he modelled the penguin Roald in Animal Crossing after himself. He has extreme talent in digital art, and he is great at deciding when art is good or bad, both digitally and analog.
Russel Harris An artistic personal friend of Alameduck's, he gives his two cents and his perspective on art. Typically he'll disagree with Alameduck, but this is not always the case. He'll explain his side of it, and why this might be some goof art.
Jack K. Livingston Livingston is a cashier who lives in Olakary. He's not that cultured in art, and he gives his thoughts from an average nobody's point of view, just bluntly seeing what's there rather than the intense details.
Brayden Güntorÿzh A modern artist, Güntorÿzh is a Holpers person who likes to show his view on the new cool. His art is featured during the credits at the end of the episode, and he'll discuss his art while Magnificent Art by George J Livingston plays in the background
Jay Campbell Producer, Executive Producer, and Developer for the series, Jay Campbell is a critic who often appears for about a minute in some select episode to show what he thinks about all this. Usually he just says he can't decide.
Mary Chuckshape Chuckshape is a self-taught artist who does not prefer to go the popular route, and does things her own way. She lives in Leafbrooke, Elstokopa, but has a temporary home in Olakary for the show.
Guide Cannington Penguinington An artist who also knows his way around the art trade, and knows all the big artists personally. When he first appeared in addition to Tres Comapré in Season 2, fans were shocked that they got such a famous person on the show, and even more shocked when he stayed! (Imagine their shock when Konnôr Flacktingsberd showed up!)
Tres Comparé A close personal friend of Alameduck, they knew each other growing up. Originally from Bechturon, Comapré moved early in his life just to meet Canjoro and become an aspiring artist himself. So far, he has published 24 drawings and sketches, and plans to make even more on top of his career as a sales accountant in York, Fladershkeld.
Co-Host Nason Kolbe Vertonamese co-host of the show and art critic. His entire job revolves around this, and he doesn't make very much from it, so Rohoveyanic Magnificence is a huge step up in his career.
Russel Harris TBA
Camerabird Canário Pequeno A Porcalonian filmographer who has made his career famous in such movies as "9 Lives" and "99 Bottles of Pig Guts on the Wall." He was originally from Bechturon, and moved to the Porcalonos about 5 months after its founding. He recently announced on Tweeter he would produce and film the movie "Triplos Penguinos ," a high-budget film based on the lives of the Porcalonian settlers with excellent and famous actors such as Plumo Pengüino and Ava Queixada
Jaque Moineau Rohoveyanic camerabird not famous for much. However, he has extreme talent, and to those who know him, he is often considered underrated.
Exploser Le Juste The head camerabird who plans where and when each thing is going to be filmed and how. It's a stressful job, and he does it well.
Kalmukalu Ulakal She's a filmographer and photographer who has snapshotted many famous stock photos. She knows how everything should be projected.
Kolokok Namura The chief editor, Namura knows what to cut out and what to keep. He's also really good at censorship. You can't even tell they said something else with his editing.
Canário Pequeno TBA
Àçälkôpésà Namerulan A fun-loving editor who also appears in some episodes as a cameo. She does more of the visual editing to make sure everything looks right after the video has been compiled.
Kanguktuk Frostbird A world-renowned Frostbirdian editor for TV Shows, animations, and many other types of films. He died in 2019 due to a sudden heart attack that happened almost out of nowhere, and it's been a sad experience for all.
Accelerate Birdla Edits the audio for the show once the video has been compiled.
Executive Producer
Russel Harris TBA
Accelerate Birdla TBA
Jay Campbell TBA
Canjoro Alameduck TBA
Russel Harris TBA
Cannington Penguinington TBA
Melville Bright A musician who has sung and composed songs solo for many TV shows. He does the dramatic effects and ramp-up as well as themed and background music for the show with his partners.
George J Flockingston A Pigganian singer and songwriter who originally started making theme songs, but then created his own solo band in 2012, and has now been on 6 world tours, and is very rich. He goes by the stage name "Goin' Flockingston."
Miguel Sanchez An instrumental composer for many, many TV Shows, animations, movies, and videos. You will almost be guaranteed to see this guy as a composer in every other film you're viewing.
Yorker Kolfbird A musician for the show, and a few others. He does instrumental compositions typically, but he did make the intro for the show, which was sung by Melville Bright in the official recording even though Kolfbird made the entire thing
Announcer Wyatt McFeathers TBA
Narrator Canjoro Alameduck TBA
Nason Kolbe TBA
Jay Campbell TBA
Dave Erslazer Co-creator, co-host, and producer for Wild, Erslazer has made his reality show career in other TV shows, such as this one
Cornbright Hallow A producer for many reality TV shows all over such as Morning Birdies Talk Show, The Su'ulutat Show, and, Monday Morning Comedy
José Martinez A Porcalonian producer who typically produces Porcalonian movies and podcasts stepped a bit out of line for this show, but he's still really good at doing what he's doing.
Amnede Kulito A childhood friend of Alameduck. When they were young, she used to film home videos for him, and edit them. She later became a filmographer, camerabird, and producer for many TV shows.
Jay Campbell TBA
Canjoro Alameduck TBA
Varikans Daros TBA
Amnede Kulito TBA
Russel Harris TBA
John Pörlak TBA
Kulutuk Falnkultak TBA
Cornbright Hallow TBA
Melville Bright TBA
Harley Simmons TBA

Guest Stars

Over the years, Rohoveyanic Magnificence has hadd many guest stars, such as:

  1. Famous Pigganian author Chuutna Qavunkstel
  2. World-renowned Frostbirdian actor Frosh Cryo
  3. President of Rohoveyan Konnôr Flacktingsberd
  4. Famous Rohoveyanic food critic and cook Jordan Palmsee
  5. Porcalonian chef Alimenjandro Canario
  6. Famous Piggy Islandic crime-stopper Red J Bird
  7. Olympig Uketian athlete Nam Kulchang

And many more, lesser known guest stars. These stars appear on the show to present their art, rate art by their own, "commoner" perspective, or just for fun.


Season 1
Name Description Code Air Date
What are Those!? Terrible Realist Art Today, host Canjoro Alameduck and a group of critics visit 5 pieces of realist art from around the world that are...under par, to not sound rude. They will discuss the art, rate it, and maybe crack a few jokes while they're at it. The How 2 Paint segment at the end of the episode explains how these pieces could improve, and you really have to stretch your brain to see if they can! S1E1 Oinkth 37, 2010
Museum of Magic Today, the team visit Putay-iei Museum of the Arts, and select the best pieces there, and rate them. Then, Canjoro Alameduck will attempt to re-paint these fantastic works of art. S1E2 Oinkth 39, 2010
Iconic Creations! Iconic creations from all over Rohoveyan are displayed in this episode! Alameduck and the crew will rate them, and then Alameduck will attempt to recreate these images while telling you how to do the same! S1E3 Oinkth 40, 2010
Wacky Wonders Cubism and Pigasso-esque works are all very peculiar in their looks, they may even seem unattractive. However, the team are here to rate these wacky paintings and tell you just what makes these abstract pieces tick. S1E4 Oinkth 41, 2010
Modern Art Brayden's spotlight! This comedic episode shows this new wave of modern paintings and drawings that are currently sweeping the globe. What makes them so popular? Can you recreate these new pieces? Find out today on Rohoveyanic Magnificence! S1E5 Oinkth 42, 2010
Still Life. Or Maybe Not Today, the crew explore still life paintings, and compare them to their inspiration. These works were taken from many different Rohoveyanic artists, old and new. S1E6 Oinkth 43, 2010
Traditional Works Learn about the traditional Rohoveyanic artwork, made with early pencils. Find out their techniques and view the team's spin at trying to recreate it. S1E7 Oinkth 44, 2010
Digital Art Featuring our very own Roald Duck, we take a look at some digital art, whether it be 3D, 2D, for a video game, or for fun! Duck explains the best softwares for different purpouses, and features what he thinks are the best digital artworks ever made! (Keep in mind he doesn't know about all the digital art ever made) S1E8 Oinkth 45, 2010
Sunny Night (Painting w/Alameduck) Canjoro Alameduck guides you through Sunny Night, one of his most famous paintings in such a way anybody, even Jack, can do it! You could get a free Alameduck painting made all by yourself that looks just like the original sitting on your mantel! S1E9 Oinkth 46, 2010
Drawing Houses Ever wonder how to draw buildings? Well, in today's episode, the crew try their best to draw houses, cabins, apartments, complexes, skyscrapers, and much, much more! S1E10 Oinkth 47, 2010
Unrecognizable Have you ever come across art that's so bad, you can't even tell what it's supposed to be? If not, you're about to! S1E11 Oinkth 48, 2010
Museum of Magic Part 2 The team returns to Putay-iei to view some more amazing art pieces. S1E12 Oinkth 49, 2010
Snow Art All kinds of techniques by marker, pencil, paintbrush, and even crayons on creating snow in art pieces in so many different styles is shown and taught in this episode that concludes our waning winaspring-snowy season and emerges the greenest of Springs. S1E13 Oinkth 50, 2010
Wood Carving Guest star Cody McLallahan shows the crew and the audience multiple different ways of wood carving with art, and he shows you the way around different pieces of wooden art. S1E14 Oinkth 51, 2010
Blueprints Blueprints althroughout time have to be intricate, and we'll see some of those. Others, however, are hilariously embarrassing to the thing the blueprint is supposed to represent S1E15 Oinkth 52, 2010
Early Sketches The crew view some sketches of Rohoveyanic artwork before they became fully published works. Don't worry, though, dince these sketches do start on a blank canvas! S1E16 Oinkth 53, 2010
We Rate Each Other's Art To finish off both the season and the month, the crew will paint and draw all kinds of things with all kinds of tools, and rate each other's creations. See the chaos and disorder unravel before your very own eyes in this cesspool of an episode. S1E17 Oinkth 54, 2010
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