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Oggy and the Cockroaches & the Angry Birds is a animation presented by Rovio & Xilam.


As a normal day as the others in Piggy Island,evryone was very happy dowing whatewer he like to do.But King Pig not,because he is thinking only one thing:to eat the eggs!

His 1.2000.358679.1234567890. (or more) failed tries (from the start of the world) gone away and now every pig is out of plan and evry belly of a pig is empty,causing a big panic to the pig city.

But in a unespectable moment,Mailman Pig (Posterman Pig) delivers a disc from the show Oggy and the Cockroaches and the phone member of Oggy.

King Pig (before revealing what actually in the mail is) threw Mailman Pig out of the palace and opend the mail revealing the containing.When he aded the disk he sees a sence where Oggy is runing the cockroaches and think that he also like runing the birds so far.

In the meanwhile in Oggy's house,Oggy is really runing the cockroaches (who stealed Oggy's breackfast) and unespectaly sunds his phone ringing.Joey noticed the Oggy's phone ringing.At the start Joey belives that is Oggy's cousin Jack and stealed the phone and Oggy follow him angryly to get his mobile phone back.Joey puts a mini bomb next to the phone and lest it causing explode to King Pig's face. (who are really calling Oggy for help)

Later on,where Oggy answers to King Pig and sound King Pig's oinking he beleve that is a beast and scared,threw his phone to his garbage can.

King Pig beleve that Oggy is too carzy but then noticed a strange pistol on the floor (that also bin his new package) and shoot one shoot to one of his palace wall,causing a portal open and suck King Pig direct to Oggy's house entrance.Then,King Pig ring Oggy's house bell and reads the word "Oggy" causing him discover that he is in a another dimension and make the qestion (actionaly):"May here is no birdz??" and happyly ring again and again unti finaly Oggy opens the door and things that King Pig is a monster and scaryly closes the door (and later block her) and escape from his kichen's window.

Then,King Pig notices that Oggy escaped and start screming ower all the bienevue city.Then,scred Oggy comes to Jack for help and Jack calm him down.The cockroaches (who are waching the chaos from the window that Oggy previusly escaped) are mainly laughting together.

Then Oggy are in stress while Jack tries to make evrything to calm him down.Then King Pig again rings Jack's house bell and now the two cats are in stress while the cockroaches are laughting.

Meanwhile in King Pig's palace,Chef Pig notices the teleportation pistol who King Pig used and accidently make a another portal that sucks himself (and also 10 minion pigs that was in the close) and notices King Pig's celebrating oink coming from Oggy's house.

Then Chef Pig enters and discovers that King Pig are eating happyly witch the cockroaches eggs that was in Oggy's frige.Chef Pig and the minion pigs are joining the fan.

Later Oggy and Jack ask some help from Bob who sees a minion pig and fall down in the floor.Then they ask help from Olivia,but Olivia isn't home this time an they falled down in the ground.

Then,Οggy and Jack noticed that they was kidnaped by the pigs.When Olivia comes,she gets a new book for the rare creatures.She discovers that their weacknes are the birds and that they like to eat the eggs.Later Oggy finds the pistol that King Pig used causing everyone gone into the porta.They travel in diferent dimensions unti they come to Piggy Island where lots of pigs follow Oggy and Jack in the fact they will eat them.Meanwhile Olivia goes throuch in a tree and discovers that Oinkella was too on the tree.

She also discovers that they are very weack and threw one of the minion pigs down the tree.When he goes down King Pig and Chef Pig try to scare her,but they failed and gone away.

Later she comes to the place where the pigs try to eat Oggy and Jack and libery them causing them be very happy.

One of the minion pigs say "boo" to Oggy and Jack but they don't scare and start beating the pigs and the cokroaches are laughting but Oggy & Jack beat them and threw them away and Red gives them a medal.

Then,they go back to bienevue and left he cokroaches in Piggy Island defeat them and make them piggies too.(in costumes)

Characters (by apperance)[]

  • Red
  • Chuck
  • The Blues
  • Bomb
  • King Pig
  • Minion Pigs
  • Professor Pig (cameo)
  • Oggy
  • Dee Dee
  • Joey
  • Marky
  • Bob (cameo)
  • Olivia
  • Oinkella (cameo)