Ruckus is a male bird. He's the older brother of Breezey and the son of Steel and Bea.


Ruckus slashes three times into a pig structure in the shape of a Z, causing weak blocks he hits to break.


Ruckus didn't have the best experience with the pigs or even other birds when he was younger. Time and time again, some hatchlings and piglets would make fun of Ruckus because of some random feature of him. Sometimes it was his head feathers, other times it was his squeaky voice. Additionally, his father was always hard on him growing up, and a Ruckus got jealous of his baby sister because she was being treated a lot more gently and she got lots more attention. Ruckus started to get angrier and angrier as the years went on, like most birds on Piggy Island do at some point. Ruckus wanted to do exactly what others in his hatchling days did to him. He became the jerk. And while hearing about all the attempted egg capturing going on, Ruckus also started to deeply question anyone who wasn't a bird. He just wanted to take his anger out on everyone he met, whether they wronged him or not. His jerkish and rather violent nature, along with his huge distrust for other species, has concerned a lot of people, especially his family.


Ruckus is one angry bird. The littlest things get him upset. Pig near his home? He gets angry. Someone bumps into him? He gets angry. His sister talks to others who aren't birds? He gets REALLY angry. In fact he's always watching her just in case. Ruckus is real protective of his sister, and hardly lets her do anything when he’s around. He doesn't really like talking to other birds himself, unless if it's to make fun of them or fight them. And if he sees anything that isn't a bird, he will lash out at it without knowing everything about it. He does the same things to birds he doesn’t know, too, He's loyal to the birds, but his over-the-top defensiveness and his violent nature has even made the angriest birds keep their distance. Even his family can’t deal with him. Steel has tried talking to Ruckus about his favoritism and why he’s so hard on Ruck, but Ruckus never listens. When Bea tries to talk to Ruckus about his problems, he yells at her and demands to be left alone. Breezey is just annoyed by Ruckus, but she's also the most concerned about him. Talking to Breezey about his actions is the only time Ruckus ever acts sincere, but Ruckus is still jealous of her, and so he acts a little stubborn with her. He just tries to shake his family’s help off and continues being the same old Ruckus.


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