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General Info
Powers Many
First Level Appearance: Angry Birds 7: Family Hazards- Episode 1: The Unthinkable
Gender: Male
Species: Bubblegum Canary
Locations: Piggy Island, Earth, but is currently visiting Piggy Planet
Strength: Strong
Size: Just a tiny bit smaller than Goggles

Ryan is a Yellow Bird with a strange disorder that makes his stomach a bright bubblegum color. He first appears as an egg in Angry Birds 6: New Arrivals where in the cutscne in which it shows a young Goggles and his mom parttaking in various fun activities, in one of the slides, it shows him playing with a small golden egg, which his mom takes from him.


As soon as Ryan is launched, he goes higher than targeted, blows bubblegum in mid air, drops down to the targeted area, and his bubble pops, sending anything around (even stone) flying in all directions.


Ryan's egg washed ashore Piggy Island's east coastline, and was found by a young Goggles. It is most likely that Goggles' mother adopted and hatched him, because he is shown living with them in various cutscenes in Angry Birds  8. 


  • It is assumed that she adopted the egg and hatched it, as he is shown as a small chick standing by Goggle's mom in various cutscenes in Angry Birds 7: Family Hazard. That means he could be Goggles' stepbrother.
  • At the begining of Angry Birds 9: Revenge At Shipwreck Island, in the first cutscene when all the birds are talking with each other, there is a "Missing" Poster on the tree behind them with Ryan's picture on it. Ryan does not appear at all in this game (He is, however playable in a few Golden Eggs).
  • In the first cutscene of Angry Birds 10: Search and Rescue, the birds recieve a randsom note from the King Pig informing them that Ryan is being held hostage. Goggles leads the birds on a quest to save him, and they free him in episode 9. Ryan is playable again in Episode 10 when the birds all work together to destroy the King Pig's palace.