Template:CharacterBefore he became a gamer, he was a Lombard Bros. Gaming fan. And around 2018 he became a fan of Colourful island. A year ago he started his own YouTube Series called GT Rico’s On Screen Gameplays. And has over 145 Subscribers. He Started Twitch on February 2017 and he LPs a series of Racing games and other stuff. Since then he’s a Single with a good amount of support until he got engaged in a relationship with Wavie.


  • He is formerly known as GT Rintoo before he changed it to GT Rico and then to Ryan the GT Falcon
  • Before he came to colourful island he Participated in Lombard Bros Gaming to play along with some friends.
  • His favourite video game genres are Music Based and Racing
  • He dreams of buying more specific systems to play more games on that he's dying to play real soon.
  • He has a good trust in his friends especially CodyL15 and Tiffany Fisher Artist
  • He is one of the Colourful island members to own a PS2, PS3, Xbox One and a Nintendo Switch
  • Other than drinking Mountain Dew he loves to listen to his favourite Songs and Interact with his friends and Followers.
  • He has more than 120 songs he's Favourited
  • His favourite Music genre is Metal and Alternative
  • His Main Wife is Wavie
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