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Sad Birds is a game that was announced July 2, 2013, and was released on August 17, 2013. The pigs hypnotize the birds, and then become sad. The pigs steal the EGGS again! But even though the birds are sad, they still fight. The pigs also turn the birds part-color.This game is available on the iOS, Android, Samsung Galaxy Series, and Kindle Fire on August 17, and PC and Mac on August 19. It is known to be released on Nintendo 3DS, PS3, Xbox 360, Wii and Wii U on October 26, 2013, which is Angry3456's birthday. This game will be released on PS4 and Xbox One on July 17, 2014, similar to the console version of Angry Birds Star Wars. Do not worry, free updates come in the handheld and console versions, just like a few days after they come on iOS and Android.


  • Reddish-Green Bird:The Classic Red Bird - When tapped, screams a "WAAA-AA!!". (first use on 1-1)
  • Bluish-Yellow Bird:The Classic Blue Birds - Split into 3. (first use on 1-6)
  • Yellowish-Blue Bird:The Classic Yellow Bird - Speeds up where you target and the blue color washes away. (first use on 1-13)
  • Blackish-White Bird:The Classic Black Bird - Explodes, then the white color washes away. (first use on 1-21)
  • Whiteish-Black Bird:The Classic White Bird - Drops a black egg bomb. (first use on 1-28)
  • Greenish-Red Bird:The Classic Boomerang Bird - Acts as a boomerang and the red color washes away. (first use on 2-6)
  • Terence-Orange Bird:The Classic Big Brother Bird - Moans "Wouf!" (first use on 3-26)
  • Orangish-Dark Red Bird:The Classic Orange Bird - Inflates (first use on 3-45, final battle)
  • Samuel the Purple Bird - One of the birds that came to help the Angry Birds defeat the Pigs. Loops in circles several times (first use on 3-14)


Golden Eggs[]

There are 12 golden eggs total.

  • Golden Egg #1:Go to level 1-4. The egg is on a wall on the right. Shoot the first Red Bird high up so he could reach it.
  • Golden Egg #2:Go to level 1-17. The egg is on a wall again, but more difficult to reach. Use the Yellow Bird to get the egg.
  • Golden Egg #3:Go to level 1-28. The egg is on the right of the ground where the slingshot is standing. Shoot the White Bird's egg right on it and you will get the egg.
  • Golden Egg #4:Obtain three stars on all levels of Piggy Island.
  • Golden Egg #5:Go to level 2-7. The egg is in the center of the structure where the pigs are, and use one or two Boomerang Birds to get it.
  • Golden Egg #6:Go to level 2-20. The egg is in the center of structure again, use one or two Black Birds to get it.
  • Golden Egg #7:Obtain three stars on all levels of Mighty's Cave.
  • Golden Egg #8:Go to level 3-8. There is a stone block right before the whole structure at the bottom. Destroy it. A golden egg will appear taking the stone block's place. Make sure you have one or more birds or to get the egg, or you won't get it since you need another bird to collect it.
  • Golden Egg #9:Go to level 3-20. The egg is on the top of the "T" wall. Use a yellow bird to get it.
  • Golden Egg #10:Go to level 3-28. The egg is in front of the piece of ground (where the slingshot is). You'll see that there is rubber in front of it. Fling Terence to the rubber and he should go backwards to the egg.
  • Golden Egg #11:Go to level 3-41. There is an airplane if you zoom out, so destroy it to get the egg with a Yellow Bird.
  • Golden Egg #12:Obtain three stars on all levels of Birdland.
  • Golden Egg #13:Go to level 4-4. Destroy the present to unlock the egg.


  1. Piggy Island (August 17, 2013) (40 levels)
  2. Mighty's Cave (August 17, 2013) (40 levels)
  3. Birdland (25 lvls released January 5, 2014, 20 more released March 2, 2014)
  4. Dust Storms (25 lvls released June 15, 2014, 20 more coming soon)
  5. Golden Eggs

More coming soon!


NOTE:The sad bird images (like Matilda) need improvement.

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