Sakbirds ♪ is a Japanese Angry Birds game with new birds. There are no real birds in this game.


The new birds was in the Sakbirds Island. But the real pigs came back to steal the eggs then gets angry.



  • Fuku Bird - The starter bird. Her power is to scream.
  • Dala Bird - The 3 birds. Her power is to clone into three birds.
  • Aiki Bird - The fastest bird. Her power is to speed up.
  • Corki Bird - The explodest bird. Her power is to explode.
  • Eria Bird - The egg beater. Her power is to drop a egg bomb.
  • Gaki Bird - The reverse bird. Her power is to act as a boomerang.
  • Big Fuku Bird - The sister bird. Her power is to moan.
  • Lala Bird - The balloon bird. Her power is to infalte.
  • Rien Bird - The bouncing bird. Her power is to bounce and riochet.
  • Mighty Humming-Bird - The biggest bird. His power is to kill all pigs in a level.


All real

Other Birds

  • Blu - The male character from Rio.
  • Jewel - The female character from Rio.
  • Yuki Bird - The freezing bird. Her power is to freeze stuff.
  • Kukia Bird-The Virus Bird.Her power is to use a virus.


  1. The Japanese Island
  2. Going to Make Cardboards

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  • This is the only Japanese game.
  • This is one of the only games that contains no real birds.


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