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Seen Today May Be Seen Tomorrow is the first episode of Season 1 of Angry Birds: TV SHOW.


When first hatched, a young bird named Red had some anger issues. They got triggered when something severe happened. But he managed to make friends. He became friends with a young bird named "Chuck," and had got along well. But after events causing a war between their allies, the pigs, the birds were ready to fight!


Synopsis happens, after become friends with a pig named Ross, Ross did something Red hadn't liked, and got angry at him. He threw Ross down, and didn't know Ross was actually the King's favorite in the Junior Piggy's Military Academy. King Smoothcheeks was angry at Red, and wanted him dead. He sent the soldiers out there to kill him. The birds formed an army, and began a war. Red, can't help feeling sad about what he has caused


Seen Today may be Seen Tomorrow/Transcript



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