September is a male bird. He's a part of Aya's flock.


September has a stash of pencils he uses to throw at the bad piggies. His pencils work in a similar way to how The Blues split up, only stronger. September launches one pencil and it splits into three and they fly in different directions. September also has a magic pencil he calls his “Special Pencil”. His special pencil has the ability to erase things from existence and has the ability to make anything it draws come to life. September only uses that pencil for special occasions.


When September was a young hatchling, he loved to learn. He was always curious about all sorts of things, specifically learning how to write. This was also when he got his magic pencil, one of the only pencils he ever used to write at that age. The more he learnt, the smarter he became, and the more birds asked him to help them with their homework. His classmates saw him as an all-knowing genius. Every exam he get's bombarded with requests to help with answers. It's also led to him getting teased a lot for his knowledge. So it's safe to say the pigs weren't the first things that got him angry, it was the constant responses he gets at school that riled him up!


September is a very smart bird. Whenever the pigs attack, he likes to share his various strategies with the flock (generally his flock). Multiple ones in case one fails! In his spare time, he loves to write in his journal. September writes down every key event that happens in a day. His entries usually talk about his flock, defeating the bad pigs (or what he calls “Snorting Porks”), his new plans and ideas, or just simple rage rants. Which brings us to his flaw. He's extremely easy to anger. One thing to avoid doing is to pester him about solving your problems. He doesn't have time for everybody, and he's grown to be sick of it. And you certainly don't want to mess with him or any of his friends, or else he'll REALLY go crazy on you! He's asked a lot about his magic pencils, and if others can borrow them. He usually obliges unless if it's his special pencil. Overall, he's a good member of his flock. Just avoid making him your enemy...


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