Jumping bird
General Info
Powers Jump and bounce
First Level Appearance: Pig Jig

level 19

Gender: Female
Species: European robin
Locations: Angry Birds
Strength: Medium
Size: Medium

Sherry, the Jumping Bird is a character in the Angry Birds series of games created by Rovio Entertainment. He was introduced in early 2013 and is the sixth bird not originally part of the Flock.


Personal Data

  • Name: Sherry
  • Known Aliases: Jumping Bird, Slinky Bird
  • Group Affiliation: The Flock
  • Best Friends: Stella and Hal


Sherry is cheerful and optimistic. It has a bubbly and enthusiastic personality, like Stella and Bubbles. Most of the time, she often accompanies the flock at any mission to retrieve the eggs. Unlike the rest, it is not usually carried by negative emotions like the anger and the jealousy, only if they provoke, but usually subside quickly. She loves to play with balls and springs, and what you like is also bounce like one of them. This sometimes annoys Red and forces him not to do that.



Sherry has appeared in the following games:


Sherry usually jump or bounce by clicking the mouse, (depending on the version of the game they are playing). Arriving on a block of a different material, it will bounce away and upon reaching the ground will jump to another block, hence its other name: the Slinky bird, and is one of the few birds that do not become a corpse, unless she touches a pig or if your ability is not active.


  • Sherry has a resemblance to Stella , since both have the same design, with only a few differences.
  • It is the second bird that has an eye color and is the only bird that has green eyes.
  • She shares a similar ability with Chet, only with the difference that Sherry can jump and bounce.


Steelblue tutorial

Sherry's Ability.

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