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Silver Pig
Silver Pig New
General Info
Powers see Angry Birds vs Angry Pigs for info about Silver Pig's powers. (Pig Mode:Flies straight forward like Blu---Jewel.)
First Level Appearance: Unknown
Gender: Male
Species: Pig
Locations: Unknown, but will be in Angry Birds Fritos and Angry Birds vs. Angry Pigs
Strength: Medium
Size: Medium

Silver Pig might be a boss in the third unknown upcoming episode of Angry Birds Fritos, as he is also playable in Pig Mode of that game. He both has an old design and new one. He also might appear in Angry Birds vs Angry Pigs.

He is very mature, unlike Prince Pig.


When Silver Pig was born in 08.08.2002, he was once green, like the Bad Piggies. Then, when he was 1 year old (in 09.04.2003) Dr. Piggy came along with a silver potion to turn his jewels silver, but he accidentally spilled it on Silver Pig, and he turned silver! Dr. Pig said,"Oh my! Sorry little piggy!" then whispered, "What have I done?!?" and that how Silver Pig is today. There is no known cure for him turning back to green, and someday Dr. Pig (or Nathan a good friend of him) will invent something that will do that.


  • "I am silver, that's the way it is!" to the Minion Pigs
  • "Let me explain, King Pig, the reason why I am silver because of a silver potion Dr. Pig made and accidentally spilled it on me when I was one. That's what makes so unique from the Minion Pigs." to King Pig
  • "Gonna give a valentine card to a lovely lady, and her name is Clara Piggy!" Valentine's Day 2014