Me and sky blue are freinds

Sky Blue Bird is a new Bird and has the abilitie to create a chain reaction of destruction. It also tricks people...

what the heck am i doing on this page?

Sky Blue Bird

Yo? Was up?

Sky blue's car

Sky Blue's car


Below is a list of songs Sky Blue he 'owns'.

  • I'm in Miami Bird
  • Trollolol
  • Rock the Nest
  • Get Crazy
  • Lil' Hipster Bird
  • What Happens at the Nest
  • Leaving U 4 the Groove
  • I Don't Wanna Be
  • Feathers!
  • Fly!
  • I Shake, I Move
  • I am Not a Pig
  • Yes
  • Scream My Name
  • Rock the Nest II
  • Sorry for Nest Rocking
  • Nest Rock Athem
  • I'm Smexy and I Know It
  • Bird Bath Showers
  • One Day
  • Take It to the Nest
  • Best Night
  • All Night Long
  • With You


  • Sky Blue is the bird version of Sky Blue from LMFAO.


Ha Ha Ha! Sky Blue Bird Tricked you! Just like the Skunk Bird.

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