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Smart Bird
General Info
Powers Throw Pencils and Paper (Spin around so fast, Pigs explode)
First Level Appearance: None
Gender: Male
Species: Smart Cardinal
Locations: None
Strength: Medium
Size: Medium

The Smart Bird is VEEEERY CLEVER. He knows everything.



Original Power[]

Throw Pencils and Paper

Purchasable Power[]

Spin Around (Do things very fast) and pigs get amazed and explode

Purchasable Power[]

The Smart Bird's Puchasable Power is a power that can be brought

How to buy[]

When the Smart Bird is in the slingshot, a button with a tornado will appear on the screen. Click/Tap it! You will get a message. (Note: The power is $1.60, £1.00. UK, US and AUS can get this. Other countries cannot get the power, but it will soon work for those countries) Tap/Click the shopping trolley button and pay for it. You can now use it every hour-and-a-half.


Use it, wait, when it is available, DO NOT USE IT! Win the level without the power, go to the next level, you can use it!

If you use it the level it is first available, you will end up waiting 2 hours after


More Coming Soon