Snow of the snorks special inflated orange bird

special inflated orange bird

Angry Birds Seasons 5 Episode, Snow Of The Snorks, has got a new special style of the orange bird: When it's inflated, it's looks like it's became a snowman. This episode came out on December 17, 2018. It is a Christmas-themed episode.

Theme Song

Spongebob soundtrack - Wonderland of Snow

Spongebob soundtrack - Wonderland of Snow

The theme song for Snow Of The Snorkers is called "Wonderland Of Snow" composed by APM Music and used in the very popular show, SpongeBob SquarePants. This music can make you feel very cold, but happy at the same time. :3


  • Red Bird
  • Blue Bird
  • Yellow Bird
  • White Bird
  • Green Bird
  • Black Bird
  • Terence
  • Orange Bird (special on this episode, it's inflated to an orange snowbird as seen on the level selection!)
  • Pink Bird



  1. Small Pig - 5/1000
  2. Medium Pig - 30/1000
  3. Big Pig - 65/1000
  4. Fat Pig - 125/1000
  5. Helmet Pig - 240/1000 (Boss, Seen only with santa's beard and hat (not santa pig king hat))
  6. King Pig - 500/1000 (Uberboss, With a Santa Beard and a hat, and a nest of Golden Eggs and snowballs.)
  7. Obese Pig - 980/1000 ("Extremeboss", seen in level 1-4 and 2-25.)

Golden Eggs + Golden Snowball

Golden Egg 1 - level 1-3: Shoot the white bird backward and destroy the bird cookie. The golden egg is inside the cookie.

Golden Egg 2 - level 1-11: Shoot Terence down to the cloud that "holds" the slingshot. The cloud will be destroyed, and after a few moments, Terence will crash right on the golden egg.

Golden Egg 3 - level 1-17: Launch the boomerang bird over the pigs' building, then go backward to the "cave" after the pig.

Golden Egg 4 - level 1-21: Shoot the yellow bird up, and when he's reaches the top height, change his speed. The golden egg is far, far up from the pigs building, but he's on a "shelf" of wood that can be broken down easily.

Golden Egg 5 - level 1-25: Shoot the orange bird to the snow pig right under the sling shot. The golden egg is in the snow pig.

Golden Egg 6 - level 2-5: Launch the blue bird at the pile of glass stacked on top of the slingshot hill,and then a secret passage will appear with the golden egg inside. To get in, you must destroy the 3 snowpigs hanging on the balloons in the sky, and they will fall into the passageway under the slingshot.You will get the golden egg.

Golden Snowball - Get 3 stars on any level to unlock the bonus level.


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