Space Dragon
Space Dragon.png
General Info
Powers Mass destruction in a given area
First Level Appearance: Any in Angry Birds Space 2 Bloom Out the Flowers and Angry Birds Space 3 Chinese Pigs
Gender: Male
Species: Space Dragon
Locations: Angry Birds Space 2 and 3
Strength: Very Strong
Size: Enormous

The Space Dragon is from Angry Birds Space 2 and 3.


  • Launch noise: Same as Space Eagle's sardines
  • Appear: Gong sound, then siren


  1. You can fling the Red Koi Fish.
  2. The Red Koi Fish disappeared because it pops a wormhole.
  3. The Space Dragon comes and pops pigs.
  4. Enjoy the Space Dragon for 20 Free, 80 Free, 280 Free and 980 Free!
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