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Space Eagle
Space eagle SPEED
Gender Male
Species Bald Eagle
Size Enormous
Locations Player's choice
Abilities & Strengths
Abilities Mass destruction in a given area
Strength Very Strong
First appearance unknown
Latest appearance unknown
Voice Actors
Voiced by Unknown

    Little is known about the history or origins of the Space Eagle. The Space Eagles play a similar, but slightly different role than the Mighty Eagle. Space Eagles can be summoned using Sardine Cans, just like the Mighty Eagle. When the sardines are launched, a space warp will appear and the Space Eagle will do some damage to the level. The player then continues to play the level as normal with the remaining birds. An Eagle Highscore still appears.

Unlike the Mighty Eagle, there are no time restrictions on use, and you can use several per level. You can earn them through gameplay achievements, and they’re available as an in-app purchase on iOS and Android via the Android Market (Google Play).

Tip: When you get 100% Total Destruction on all the levels of an episode, 3 feathers will be presented in a bubble as a special item. Behind the feathers, or background of the bubble in technical terms, is a glowing color that signifies which episode you got 100% Total Destruction on. So far the glowing colors are; Pig Bang: Green, Cold Cuts: Turquoise, Fry Me to the Moon: Blue, Utopia: Pink, and the Danger Zone: Red.

If you look in the birds game sprites on Angry Birds Space's files for PC, you can see the Space Eagle in the sprite sheet along with the other birds. This could mean that the Space Eagle might come to PC in the future, but this still isn't confirmed.

The Space Eagle somewhat resembles a raven or crow with its purple plumage. It also has two plume feathers on top of its head. The Space Eagles beak appears to be strongly curved, but that's to be expected. Space Eagles appear much larger than the Earth-going Mighty Eagle but are much weaker. Many people are not happy with this and wish that the Space Eagle be swapped with the Mighty Eagle; others just want the Space Eagle to be more powerful with no alteration to the Mighty Eagle.