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Angry Birds: World[]

Mighty Eagle[]

180px-Mighty Eagle

Mighly Eagle, or Dark Eagle can be bough by 0,99 cents and the player would unlock it to all levels. In the level Pig's on Stars, the Mighty Eagle looks like the Ghost Rider.

Mighty Eagle is also a free character on Pig Opera.

In Piglands, the Mighty Eagle can be used only after the level is complete, exept for the Boss Level.

Mighty Eagle is free in the last level of Danger at Sea.

TNT Launch[]


TNT is a power up that turns all birds into TNT boxes. Twenty can be bough by 0,99 and a hundred by U$ 50,00. The TNT launch is useless in boss levels.

Three TNT Launchers are given to you when you finish first season.

At least you must have three birds at the level for this Power Up works.



Coca-Cola is a power up that explodes when enter in contact to pigs. When it explodes, the liquid Coca-Cola will appear and spill, contaminating water and turning it to Coca-Cola, that kills the Pigs. If shooted near a Mentos, will explode like a liquid TNT.

Coke can also be drank by birds to make them more powerfull.

Coke is very useful in episodes such as Water Streets or Pirates' Crows. Although the episode Danger at Sea is mostly underwater, coca-cola doesn't works at Bermuda Triangle

Hollywood Current[]

Hollywood Current is the power-up that lets you to customize your bird in any version of seasons (Halloween, Christmas, Carnival, etc...) or variations (Star Wars, Pig's On Stars, Japan Ninja Attack, Space, etc...). It can be bough by five dollars on Stark Industries, App Store or Google Play.

Atomic Energy[]

Atomic Energy is another Power-Up for Angry Birds. It makes all dinamites, pepper, coke launchers, Boom! Boxes, Jalapeños and explosives became a white box. This White Box, when activated, will explode on atomic energy.

Silver PowerUp[]

Stark Power-Up is a gift that a friend can send you if he gets five stars on a level. The Stark PowerUp will make a new bird appears at your slingshot, the Silver Bird.

Operation PRE[]

Operation PRE, short name for Operation Pig Reactor Extermination is the rarest Power-Up in all Stk Industries. You can't buy it, you can only get this power up by winning a "Spin and Win" round on Bonus Episode: Las Vegas

Bad Piggies Future[]

Professor Pig[]

He is the one that builds your ride. He can customize it with awesome technology once you collect a piece of technology. Costs $0.99

Mechanic Pig[]

When your ride is destroyed in the middle of the level, Mechanic Pig can rebuild it for you.

Super Glue[]

Keeps your ride indestructible.


Attracts star boxes and technologies. It can be upgraded for $0.99 to Electromagnetism, which attracts the finish line and brings it closer.

Mighty Eagle[]

Only available at Bird Mode,Mighly Eagle, or Dark Eagle can be bough by 0,99 cents and the player would unlock it to all levels.

Operation: PRE[]

Only available at Bird Mode, coasts 0,99 each. Creates a reactor that destroys all pigs and everything in the level.