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Starsweet Flag V2

Elevation/Physical Map Most of Starsweet is underwater.
Annual Avg. Temp. Map
Capital Central City
5 Most Populous Cities
  1. Aquaqua - Pop. -
  2. Central City - Pop. -
  3. Hydrolis - Pop. -
  4. Brandon - Pop. -
  5. Atlatus - Pop. -
Demonym Starsweetvian
Official Language English Language
Minority Languages
  • Dutch Language
  • Japanese Language
  • Spanish Language
  • Vertonamese Language
Prime Minister
National Anthem Silent Bells

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Basic Info[]

Starsweet is a continent in Piggy Planet that's underwater, next to Piggania, and is inhabited to birds and humans, but no pigs. The water Starsweet is in is breathable, so the water is called Vita-Aqua. Strangly, the water is always warm, so the only seasons in Starsweet is spring, and summer meaning that Halloween and Christmas are both celebrated in Spring. In spring, the weather is like 70'F to 75'F. In the summer, it's like 80'F to 90'F, but never 100'F.

By the end of June 2013, one of Starsweet's country's population was 1,125,601,975. Don't even get me started on the whole continent population.

Our continent's flag is purple, with a yellow star in the middle, and at the bottom of the star, the word "Starsweet" is written in light yellow.

Starsweet is divided into 10 countries, one territory, and 30 states.

National Flag

Starsweet's flag.


Starsweet's currency is called Stars. They were orginally called Fairies, but some clever bird thought that Fairies would remind children of fairies themselves, so because of Starsweet's name, they changed Fairies to Stars. Since then, Stars' name was Star. However, on June 12, 1999, a bird wanted to change Stars' name to Junies, but all of the birds and humans in the continent firmly said no. 

One US dollar is 34.901 Stars.

The Star itself without the symbol on it looks like an Eggo without the national Eggo symbol.



The exact same day NASA launched a rocket filled with intelligent birds and pigs to Piggy Planet, the rocket landed, however, a few birds fell off the the rocket and into Mysterious Sea (This is all fictional). When they began to hold their breath, however, they found out the water is breathable. They went to tell the other birds about it, but they didn't believe them.

Those five birds built an island. They called it Silentbelle. For five years, Silentbelle began to grow and grow. Soon, the population for Silentbelle was over 400!


Nothing happened, but Silentbelle's population grew from 400 to 7,000!


Nothing eventful happened, but Silentbelle's population was 8,380, the island was too small to hold all these birds and humans, so they expanded the island. Now it was able to hold over 20,000 people and birds.


When the Cheunaso war began, and Silentbelle's population was about 10,000, something tragic happened. When a pig fired a cannon, instead of the cannon hitting one of the birds, it hit Silentbelle, and it sank.

When the people of Silentbelle realized that Mysterious Sea is safe to breathe in, they cheered, knowing that no pig will know where Silentbelle is.


Silentbelle's name was changed to Starsweet.


Somebird wrote a song called "Silent Bells" so that everyone will remember Starsweet's original name in 1986, Hot Seeds were invented in 1999, Hot Dogs were the humans' that lived on Starsweet's national food on 2000, and on 2013, Misty the screaming Lalaloopsy Bird came to live there,

I will write more later. Thelalaloopsygirl