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Stupid Pig
Crazy pig
General Info
Powers Go Mad, if he was seen
First Level Appearance: None (Appears in all levels of Red's Balloon Blast from Angry Birds Island Adventure)
Gender: Male
Species: Pig
Locations: None (Appears in Red's Balloon Blast from Angry Birds Island Adventure, also playable if you beat level 2.)
Strength: Weak-Strong, if he was seen
Size: Any

Stupid Pig is a pig so crazy, we couldn't get a picture of him! He also has a pet! His pet is just as crazy, and I mean crazy! He also makes an appearance in Angry Birds Generations, but when you kill him, the screen goes blurry for 9 seconds. From the pictures taken, we can assume he looks like a Minion Pig. We keep trying to get more pictures of him.


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