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Sun Bird (Newer) is a gold bird that has the power to burn up. Like the White Bird, it has two corpses; depending if you used the ability or not (he turns black after using the ability and hitting something).


He looks like a gold Red Bird that can turn red and burn up. He has two corpses similar to White Bird.

Sun Bird (newer)

Sprite Sheet


He can burn up without dying (or in the game, disintegrating) until he hits an object. He stays alive when he hits an object but this time the object it hits and the connected objects to it will burn (unless it is ground/rubber).


  • Hence he looks like the Red Bird, Blue Bird always mistakens him as a Red Bird in golden paint.
  • Black Bird calls him Steve.
  • Sun Bird always get bitten by Boomerang Bird by "accident", until the Boomerang Bird gets painted in bronze, which is the color he hates.
  • He can drop Golden Eggs (sometimes) which hatches into a portal where there is a new level.