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Something 40 Joke Article
This article is intended to be a joke, likely to make fun of a certain subject. Please do not take it too seriously/literally.
Something 40
Super Fat Bird

Oh. My. God.

Super Fat Bird (aka Obese Red Bird Or Inflated Red) is a bird that is very very fat and definitely needs to go on a diet. He is huge and is STILL EATING A LOT! Super Fat Bird is fatter than Terence and El Porkador combined! He is too fat! LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL SO OBESE!


  • Hal the Boomerang Bird always gets freaked out by this bird's obesity.
  • Ever since seeing him, Red has been going to WW every day.
  • Terence just narrows his eyes at this bird.
  • When Speedloop (Red's brother) sees him, Speedloop feels like he's in danger...
  • He weighs 3,500 pounds.
  • WW is the new name for Weight Watchers