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Super Angry Smash Birds
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Rovio, Pop Cap, Halfbrick, and more



Release Date





Nintendo Switch
PlayStation 4
Xbox One


ESRB: E10+
PEGI: 12

Super Smash Mobile is a crossover fighting game made by UUnlockedMario. As the name implies, it is essentially Super Smash Bros. with mobile and PC game characters. Ironically, it is not actually for mobile devices.

Playable Characters

There are 16 playable characters from the start, and 14 unlockable ones, making there 30 playable characters in total.


Starting characters
Name Image Origin
Red ABMovie RedArmCrossed.png Angry Birds
Om Nom OmNomArtwork.png Cut the Rope
Sensei SenSei.png Fruit Ninja
Crazy Dave CRD.png Plants vs. Zombies
Isaac Isaac.png The Binding of Isaac
Meat Boy Meat Boy.png Super Meat Boy
GingerBrave GingerBrave.png Cookie Run
Filia Filia.png Skullgirls
Captain Viridian CaptainViridian.png VVVVVV
Shovel Knight ShovelKnight.png Shovel Knight
Hat Kid Hat Kid.png A Hat in Time
Stella 9-Stella.png Angry Birds
King Pig ABMovie King Pig.png Angry Birds
Pistachio Cookie Pistachio Cookie.png Cookie Run
Orange Cookie Orange Cookie HD.png Cookie Run
Dr. Fetus Dr. Fetus.png Super Meat Boy
Marie MarieSkullgirls.png Skullgirls
Reece Movie Reece.png Yoshifan1219's Angry Birds


Unlockable characters
Name Image Origin
GingerBright GingerBright.png Cookie Run
Herb Cookie Herb Cookie.png Cookie Run
Pink Choco Cookie Pink Choco Cookie.png Cookie Run
Lemon Cookie Lemon Cookie.png Cookie Run
Lime Cookie Lime Cookie.png Cookie Run
Crow CrowNefarious.png Nefarious
Chili Pepper Cookie Chili Pepper Cookie.png Cookie Run
Blob Hopeless Blob.png Hopeless
Valentine ValentineSkullgirls.png Skullgirls
Riba Poppy Riba.png Yoshifan1219's Angry Birds
Tofu Boy Tofu Boy.png Super Tofu Boy

Assist Trophies

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Seed Packets

Adventure Mode bosses


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  • Many characters in the game have similar gameplay styles to characters in Super Smash Bros.
    • Red: Mario
    • Om Nom: Jigglypuff
    • Stella: Peach/Daisy
    • Knights: Ice Climbers
    • Captain Viridian: Mr. Game & Watch
    • Filia: Sonic
    • Knight Cookie: Marth/Lucina
    • Katsuro: Link
    • Herb Cookie: Rosalina
    • Pink Choco Cookie: Zero Suit Samus
    • Lemon Cookie: Pikachu
    • Rinjin: Greninja
    • Blob: Bowser Jr.
    • Valentine: Bayonetta
    • Lord Sinensis: Ganondorf
    • Android: R.O.B.
  • Shrek's inclusion is a reference to the many joke requests of having him in Super Smash Bros.
  • According to UUnlockedMario, the following characters have Echo Fighters;
    • Meat Boy: Tofu Boy
    • GingerBrave: GingerBright
    • Reece: Riba
  • UUnlockedMario has created a tier list for the characters. It can be viewed here.
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