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General Info
Powers Various
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Gender: Male
Species: Robot Bird
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Strength: Very Strong
Size: Large

The T.A.B.O.T or Technological Avian Bird Of Terror is a bird that will be appearing in a new game in early 2013. He is a purchasable bird.

Powers And Abilities[]

Like Birdger, he has multiple abilities. First, he can fire destructive plasma beams from his arms which melt down any material it comes contact with(the stronger the material, the longer it melts). Second, upon impact, he unleashes a small force field around him to destroy any other material or pigs remaining.


He has a large metal body divided into colours of dark blue, light blue and white. He has large green eyes and a frowning beak with teeth. Above him, there are no feathers, just a tube connected to his back. He has a yellow lightning scar on his shoulder. He arms have eyes and are shaped a bit like the Boomerang Bird.



The Robo-Bird is an early variation of the T.A.B.O.T and is weaker and smaller than it but is still strong.


  • This bird is very related to the Technological Terror from Bloons TD5.