The Angry birds Movie 3 ( Monster Mash )


Dorian and kacie were talking about Ares Skill. Ares was interupted from red he said its time for her skills. She helped Red with horse. Everyone gasped how ares got her skill. Lig Lork was tiny so he talke dto Pig Trainer telling him to swoop her skill. Ares wants to help people who wants a helping hand like Red, Chuck, Bomb, Matilda, Bubbles, Silver, and Nikki. All of her crew walke to IAC. All of her crew and she sang a song about Ares skill. Lig Lork runs away and walks to his jetpack Ares told Bubbles to get Leonards broken ship


Jason Sudekis as Red

Josh Gad as Chuck

Danny McBride as Bomb

Rachel Boom as Silver

Peter Dinklage as Mighty Eagle

Cardi B as Ares

Brooklyn Prince as Zoe

Genesis Tennon as Vincent

Alma Varsano as Samantha

Noah Schnapp as Jay

Benjamin Diskin as Dorian

Erica Mendlez as Kacie

Ares Hatchling

Anthony Padilla as Hal

Maya Ruldolph as Matilda

Sean Penn as Terence

Tony Hale as Mime

Jim Cummings as Bob

Cassandra Morris as Kylie

Grey DeLeslie as Nikki

Cherami Leigh as Fluffy

Todd Haberkorn as The Big Calvera

Josh Thompson as Brad

Kate McKinnon as Stella

Charli XCX as Willow

Bebe Rexha as Dahila

Lizzo as Poppy 

Janelle Monae as Gale

Adam Brown as Hug Trader

Danielle Brooks as Olive Blue

Jillian Bell as Yoga Instructor

Ian Hecox as Bubbles

Keegan Michael Key as Judge Peckinpah

Bill Hader as Leonard

Rob Paulsen as Lig Lork

David Lodge as Porkinson

Faith Urban as Sophie

Sunday Urban as Isla

Mason Ramsey as Oliver

Phil LaMarr as Meat Creep

as Ghoul

Laura Bailey as Pig Trainer

Kelly Clarkson as Tira

Thurop Van Orman as Minion Pigs

Tara Strong as Zarr

Jamie Marchi as Rila

Bryce Papenbrook as Micah

Mel Blanc as Rodney 

Frank Welker as Gil

Jeff Bennet as Sven

Daisy Ridley as Veronica

Wendee Lee as Rose

Yuri Lowenthal as Riley

John Boyega as Greg


Wanda Skyes as Sophiya

Pitbull as Jeremy


Water Me Lizzo

Weve Got Skills Cardi B

Make Me Feel Janelle Monae

Fancy Charli XCX

Take The Pledge Cardi B

Wanna Dance with Somebody Bebe Rexha

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