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Angry Birds: Legends Arising
A roleplaying event hosted by DavetheFave.
Vital statistics
Participants See the Participants header.
Date unknown
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Welcome to a new and unique event, the Angry Birds Legendary Adventure, an roleplay event hosted by DavetheFave11.


See ABLA Act 1: A New Beginning to participate in Act 1.


The Pigs are tired of failing and failing time and time again, fighting endless wars. King Pig is ready to throw all that he has at the birds in one final attempt to stop them. Before he is able to launch his mighty attack, an earthquake affects Pig City. King Pig's castle crumbles into the ground and he falls into an area of Pig City that has been unexplored by any pig-the Darkon Caves. In these caves, he wandered blidly and lost, until he found a legendary artifact, the Drakonia Staff. For it to reach it's full power, King Pig would need to find 5 Golden Eggs scattered across the lands.

And so King Ping went off. Corrupted by power, he rebuilt Pig City to be a massive empire, ready to lead a charge onto the birds, who were scattered across Piggy island after the attack-the Pigs were unstoppable. And so they raid and ravage the lands in search of the Golden Eggs, with nothing strong enough or brave enough to stand in their way, to take a stand. This is a time for heroes like yourself, to take a stand against King Pig's empire, break the Drakonia Staff that is corrupting King Pig, and stop the madness once and for all.

How to Play

This roleplay is all about commands, which are rather simple to do. For doing actions, put your character name, colon and what they will say. For actions, say what your character will do in Italic. It's easy. Examples shown below:

Player 1: Doing commands is so easy, right?

He goes to ask Player 2 if doing commands are easy.

Player 2: Of course they are easy!

That is all you need to know to be able to join and play in the roleplay!


Hosts control the event, the main plot and the pig enemies.

Character Name Description Equiped Weapon
Dave ABLA.png
Dave Dave is just an adventurous fellow from Piggy Island. He loves to draw and is a loyal and kind friends. He'll beat up the pigs anyday if they mess with his pals or the eggs. Common Paintbrush Staff


Heroes are who you play as in the event. They can do actions to participate.

Character Name Description Equiped Weapon
Combo ABLA.png
Combo Luigi This guy is basically your adventurous (and sometimes clumsy) shockin' fellow! He knows lots about fighting and adventuring. Also, he loves to host lots of stuff, and cook (Or a 30% chance of blowing up the entire Piggy Island, but it hasn't even happened once). Don't get on his bad side cause, you might just find yourself shocked! Electricity Element
Gestro ABLA.png
Gestro This Blue Cat Is No ORDINARY Cat! He's Actually A Game Character Thats Abandoned And Deleted, Ever Since He Was Deleted, He Came Out Of The Computer He Was Created In Through A 3D Machine, He Can Do Many Things About "Elements" He Also Has Fire And Water/Ice Powers. Sometimes He Can Make Stupid Mistakes As Always. He Also Doesn't Like The "Cats Have Nine Lives" Joke. He Has About 60 Lives Or More! But He Can't Use His "Hacking" Abilities Due To Some Sort Of Machine.. Sharp Daggers
Squidy ABLA.png
Squid Hi, I'm Lolbit. Anchor Slam
Omega ABLA.png
Omega Omegatchi is a Tamagotchi from Dream Town. He's a kindhearted fellow but could get into trouble unintentionally. At one time, due to an ability he used, it tampered the Dimensional Flux and he ended up having a baby. Spears of Justice
Luigi MP9.png
Luigi Luigi Was simply Mario's brother. They both had kart races, tennis, and parties. But that all ended when Mario became a murderer. He escaped after watching "The super mario brothers super show" 13 times, and woke up on piggy island. Now, he's here to show Bowser who's boss! ...if only bowser was here. Unlike others, he has lower HP than a typical bird, however, He's rather lightweight, and can scuttle on water for a few seconds. Mighty Hammer
Icey (coming} Ice Trident


The enemies you fight. Each enemy has a special attack style that must be combatted appropriately. Some pigs have a chance to drop items and weapons.

Pig Name Weapon Attack
Minion Pig None, just physical attacks Minion Pigs run up and attack the enemy with a headbutt. Easy enemy-dies in one hit.
Rogue Pig ABLA.png
Rogue Pig Knockout Club Rogue Pigs are faster than normal pigs, and even have a chance to stun determined by a dice roll.
Spear Pig.png
Spear Pig Stabby Spear Spear Pigs stay back, throwing spears from a distance to attack enemies.
Shield Pig ABLA.png
Shield Pig Shield Shield Pigs have shields that make them a little bit tougher.
Spikey Sield Pig (forest).png
Spiky Shield Pig Spiky Shield Spiky Shield Pigs are from the forest and have spikier shields, and if touched you can be attacked, so stay at a distance.
Soilder Pig ABLA-1.png
Soilder Pig Superior Spear Soldier Pigs have a little bit of everything. They have armor, can stab a close range and throw their spears at long range. You're going to have to get creative to defeat them easily.
Helmet Pig ABLA-0.png
Defender Pigs None, just physical attacks Helmet Pigs have a very high defense and do everything they can to defend nearby pigs, but their attacks are less than impressive compared to others.
Camo Pig ABLA.png
Camo Pig Sharp Leaves Trait: It can go invisible for a turn, unseeable and untergetable. After that turn it can not do so until 3 turns later.

Leaf Storm: Deal 3 damage to an opponent far away.

9 HP 2 per turn Juicy Melon

Buka Leaf


Camo Pig ABLA-0.png
Wintermelon Camo Pig Icy Sharp Leaves Trait: It can go invisible for a turn, unseeable and untergetable. After that turn it can not do so until 3 turns later.

Leaf Blizzard: Deal 3 damage to an opponent far away with a 50% chance to Freeze them.

9 HP 2 per turn Juicy Melon

Buka Leaf

Ice Chunks

Ghost Pig ABLA-0.png
Ghost Pig None, just "physical" attacks Trait: Can phase through obstacles. When defeated, if there are still pigs in the wave after 2 turns, it revives itself.

Boo!: Deals 1 damage.

6 HP 3 per turn. Gooey Pumpkin
Zombie Pig ABLA.png
Zombie Pig Death Breath Trait: When defeated, if there are still pigs in the wave after 2 turns, it revives itself. If this defeats a bird it turns it into a Zombie Pig.

Death Breath: Sprays poisonous mist that inflicts the Poisonous status.

8 HP 2 per turn. Gooey Pumpkin

Poisonous Aminita

Hampire Pig ABLA.png
Hampire Sharp Fangs Trait: When this attacks, it heals for 2 HP.

Fang Bite: Deals 3 damage, with a 40% chance to inflict the Poison status.

Bat Mode: Can turn into a bat for 2 turns and has a 50% chance to dodge attacks in this mode. He can still use Fang Bite.

12 HP 3 per turn Any Red colored item
Miner Pig ABLA-0.png
Miner Pig Pickaxe Mine and Swine: Will go underground for a turn, still vulnerable. The next turn, he will move and pop up near a bird and deal 5 damage to that bird and surrounding birds. If the hat is destroyed, he loses this ability. 10 HP (hat)

2 HP

His only action every turn is his attack. 1, 2, or 3 Diamond(s)
Brute ABLA.png
Brute Banana Hammer SMASH!: Brute will charge up for 3 turns, then deals 7 damage to the nearest bird. It dosen't use up an action. 15 HP 1 per turn Splitting Bananas
Ninja Pig ABLA.png
Ninja Pig Cookie Shurikens Trait: Has a 25% chance to dodge an attack. Can swap places with a pig once a turn.

Shuriken Stars: Deal 2 damage.

9 HP 5 per turn (coming)
Piggy mage ABLA.png
Pig Mage

(credit to Squid)

Magic Trait: Magic spheres are attackable, it takes 1 action to attack 1 and they have 1 HP.

Force of Magic: Summons 4 magical spheres. The next turn, he will send all of them to the nearest player, giving them the Fire, Ice, Confusion, and Poison status effects all at once.

15 HP 2 per turn Any Potion
Golden Pig ABLA.png
Golden Pig Coins Trait: In 3 turns, he will exit the course. When defeated, he drops X coins. You can decide to keep them for yourself or split them among teammates.

Coin Storm: Dosen't deal that much damage (1) but can attack up to 3 targets at once twice per target.

9 HP 4 per turn Coins
Diamond Pig ABLA.png
Diamond Pig Mystical Power Trait: 25% chance to run when hit. Can drop any item, when hit, and with every item it drops you also get 2 Diamonds, the rarest currency. You can choose to keep it for yourself or split among teammates.

Rough Edge: Deals 1 damage to a nearby participant 3 times.

10 HP 4 per turn Any item

10 Diamonds

Wealthy Rogue ABLA.png
Wealthy Rogue Money Bag Trait: After 3 turns, he will exit the course. When defeated, he will drop X coins (less then Golden Pig) and drop 5 of a certain item.

Money Bag Bash!: Deals 1 damage. If below 3 HP, drops a few coins with each attack.

8 HP 3 per turn Targeting Fruit

5 of any item


As you travel around the island, you will find bird's in Reds Flock trapped in cages, free them to have them help you in battle. However, they only last a few turns and need to rest after doing so, due to their crazy amount of power. Because of this, you should discuss with your team the best time to use them, Allies may save you one day when used correctly.

Bird Name Weapon Attack HP
Caged Red ABLA.png
Red Caged Unknown. Unlock him to find out! Unknown. Unlock him to find out! Unknown. Unlock him to find out!


As you travel around the island, you will find items to use in battle.

Image Item Name Description What it does How to craft
Anti-Poison Potion.png
Anti-Toxin Brewed from only the finest mixture of

Red Berries and a little bit of the poison allows for the finest taste to cure the contamination of Toxisteel and Poison effects.

Cures contestants from the contamination of Toxisteel and Poison. 5x Red Berry

x1 Poisonios Amanita

Poison Potion.png
Poison Potion Don't think that because it has the slightest hint of Red Berry means it tastes good! The opposite of the Anti-Toxin, the Poison Potion poisons any pigs you happen to throw it at! Though, it probably isn't the best idea to take a sip... It probably poisons its consumer, so don't drink it! If thrown at pigs, they get Poison status for 3 turns. x5 Poisonous Aminita

x1 Red Berry

Ice Potion ABLA.png
Ice Potion Swiftly brewed from ice, it's easy to see why this cures the consumer the Fire effect. It also works great against piggies! Cures the contestant from the fire effect. If use on a pig, it freezes the pig for 2 turns. 3x Red Berry

x5 Ice Chunks

tba Homing Scope


Made from the exotic Targeting Fruit, this allows the consumer to target the strongest Pig Consumer does more damage, but forces the consumer to target the strongest Pig on the field will no free will. 6x Red Berry

5x Targeting


Red Berry It's a common fruit growing around the island. Best to stock up, but the Pigs hoard them all. Heals by 2 when consumed Basic Ingredient
Cabbage It's a common crop growing around. Pigs adore this crop for unkown reasons.Stock up for useful stuff. Heals by 1 when consumed Basic Ingredient
Sling scope.png


Rogues consume it to gain their powers. But, others can consume it, and when infused perfectly, can make a Homing Scope Coffe. Nothing; it can't be consumed 4x Cabbage
Stone A common material used by Pigs to build their forts. Nothing; it can't be consumed None; it can only be obtained by popping Pigs.
(coming) Exotic Cabbage A rare type of Cabbage that is more potent than the regular, everyday leafy veggie. Heals for 3 HP when consumed (coming)
(coming) Juicy Melon These can be used as ammo or for certain dishes. If you try to pick it up, they are heavy, so you will have terrible throwing range. Suggested to use as ammo rather than throwing. Heals for 2 HP for each slice you eat (5 slices)

If used as ammo, deal 4 damage to a pig and other nearby pigs.

Basic Ingredient
(coming) Gooey Pumpkin These can be used as ammo or for certain dishes. If you try to pick it up, they are heavy, so you will have terrible throwing range. Suggested to use as ammo rather than throwing. Heals for 1 HP for each section you eat (4)

If used as ammo, deal 6 damage to a pig and Freeze them for 2 turns.

Basic Ingredient
(coming) Poisonous Aminita (coming) (coming) (coming)
(coming) Stinky Garlic What does it do? What does it do? x4 Cabbage

x2 targeting Fruit


Bosses are extra-tough pigs that usually appear at the end of Worlds. They have a sub category, Minibosses. They drop Pinatas, containing a rare plethora of items depending on how well you did in the level.

Pig Name Weapon Attack HP Actions Drops
Darkened Boss -1-CP.png
??? ??? ??? 30 HP ??? ???
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