Use these templates for your articles, or other articles. They will come in handy. You can copy these, then paste them into the source mode on an article. There are more templates to use. Click here to look at them!
{{Joke Article}}
This is what they should look like:

Something 38 This article is a stub.
Please help this wiki by expanding it.
Something 38
Something 40 This article is intended to be a joke.
Please do not take it literally.
Something 40
Important Icon This article's quality is low, but not low enough to be deleted.
Please help clean this page up by correcting errors.
Important Icon
Important Icon 2 One or more of the pictures on this article is very low quality.
Help this page by uploading a better quality image.
Important Icon 2
Yellow Exclamation This article is under construction.
Please do not delete this article or mark it as a stub.
Yellow Exclamation
An Important Icon This article uses certain sensitive CSS/HTML code.
You must use the Classic Editor to edit this page as to prevent the code being ruined by the "<nowiki>" tag.
An Important Icon
Dark Orange Important Icon Mature
Warning! This article contains mature content that may include strong language, sexual references, alchohalic/drug references, and/or graphic imagery. Read at your own risk.
Dark Orange Important Icon
White Exclamation Delete
This page is a candidate for deletion for the following reason(s): {{{1}}}
White Exclamation
Blue Person Icon Free Use
You are free to use this article in any of your projects without the creator's permission.
Blue Person Icon
Important Icon 2 Claimable Article
The author of the article has decided they no-longet wanted to work on the article and put it up for someone to claim. If you want it please delete this and start working on it.
Important Icon 2

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