Drawing of Tepig in Angry Birds: Pokemon.

Tepig is Pokemon #498, and an enemy in Angry Birds: Pokemon. It appears as a cutout in level 3-35, as does the King Pig. Its actual appearance is 3-40.  It is, in other cases, the Fire-type starter in Pokemon Black, Black 2, and White 2..

In Angry Birds: Pokemon, Tepig is hurt little by glass, ice and wood; but hurt much by stone, beach balls, and rubber ducks. He was recgonized as an enemy by the flock when he stole Delibird's Charti Berry "soup"Tepig and Delibird are both weak to Rock-type attacks, which Charti Berries weaken]. After being defeated, he surrenders, gives Delibird back the Charti Berry "soup", and successfully attempts to be seen as a friend towards the flock. Delibird is still suspicious of Tepig.

According to the Pokedex, Tepig can dodge attacks easily; and, if sick, smoke will come out its nose.

  • This is a crossover between an Angry Birds Pig and Pokémon's Tepig
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