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Gender Male
Species Mountain northern cardinal (Mukitus cardinalis cardinalum)
Size Large
Locations Various levels after The Big Setup.
Abilities & Strengths
Abilities Weight, strength and momentum
Strength Strong
First appearance unknown
Latest appearance unknown
Voice Actors
Voiced by Unknown

    Terence, also known as Terrence or Big Brother Bird, is a large red bird who is a member of the Flock. Introduced in 2010, he was the second character added the first game in the series through updates. The first was the Boomerang Bird, Hal. After his first appearance in the fourth episode, Terence became one of the main characters of the game, even officially becoming a member of Red's flock - even if he did not appear with them in Poached Eggs, Mighty Hoax, and Danger Above.


Terence's Description from the Birdsonality Test (modified):

Terence is the strong, silent type. Logical, level-headed, and rational, he has a keen analytical mind. His introspective nature can make him seem distant from others - but he, in turn, is sometimes baffled by how irrational and emotional others can be. He best works when he's left with his own thoughts, or when interacting with other people who see things in the same way he does.

Terence is a very silent and isolated bird that rarely shows emotion, sadness, or happiness. His quiet nature makes it hard for the other flock members to bond with him, as he has never talked at all - just making deep grunting sounds. The birds instead like him and oddly made the quiet bird a member of their flock.

Terence's personality comes from his haunted scarring past, and not much is known about it, but he had deeply troubling experiences as a young bird, which largely affected him. He has gone a dark and sinister route.

Rightfully so, Terence is an extremely menacing and intimidating bird, and the pigs and at times, even the birds, fear him, with the ground shaking when he walks.

Though he has a very thick outer shell, Terence has shown bits and pieces of emotion to the other members of the flock. At times, he may even crack a smile, though his emotion quickly diminishes.

Terence makes his debut in the original Angry Birds game, where he is the seventh bird to be introduced and the second new one introduced through updates. He first appears in The Big Setup, where the entire episode is dedicated to him and Hal. After his introduction level, The Big Setup 9-1, he becomes a playable character in all the themes that follow as well as an official member of the core flock, even though he didn't appear with them in Poached Eggs.

Terence is noticeably very similar to Red in appearance, but it has been confirmed that they are not related in any way.

Terence is the only character to be involved in a one-bird level, excluding the Golden Eggs. (a level where there is only one bird to shoot) He is also the only bird without a manually activated ability that does not have a corpse sprite.


While all of the other birds have specific abilities, Terence has none. Instead, he has brute strength and can wreck through structures in his way with ease. He can smash through glass, wood, and stone effectively, something that none of the other birds can do. Like Red, he will only launch a battle cry when the player taps the screen as he is in flight.

However, as the player continuously plays with Terence, he/she will eventually notice that he is flawed in multiple ways. For one, he sometimes will randomly stop in his tracks after hitting a structure, or will even bounce off of some structures, forcefully pushing them instead of destroying through them. It all depends on the blocks he hits and the way he hits them. (for example, he doesn't break square blocks very well)

When the player activates the Power Potion powerup, Terence will quite literally break through anything in his path with ease. This becomes even better when the player adds on the King Sling, as he can break through entire levels without losing speed or angle.


  • Terence's spots are purple on his plush, rather than dark red.
  • He was first referred to by his proper name by Red in the Season's Greetings comic.
  • Terence is the largest member of The Flock (excluding Bubbles' inflated form and the Mighty Eagle).
  • Terence used to make Red's pain noises (in low pitch) in Angry Birds Friends. This was later on changed.
  • He is the first bird to have a confirmed name.
  • Strangely enough, although Terence is the largest and probably the heaviest bird of all, although he can teleport well.
  • Terence and Jim, Jake, and Jay are the only male birds in Angry Birds Toons to have a female voice performer. His sounds make him sound male.
    • He is also the only characters to have confirmed family members. The Blues are quite literally brothers, while Terence has his cousin Tony from Finland.
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