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The Angry Birds 10: The Invasion Begins




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The Angry Birds 10: The Invasion Begins is the 10th installment of The Angry Birds franchise


The movie opens with Red and Elite attack prop pigs at the Angry Birds Bad Piggies Elite Slingshot Strike Force base as training. After the training ends,Elite learns that Ultra Master Pig is planning to launch a new plan, Project Pig Takeover, a plan to send a lot of pigs into Las Redgas to take over the world. At the headquarters of the Pigs at Stratospig, Corporal Pig tells Ultra Master Pig that it would take weeks to build a single portal with just one pig but Ultra Master Pig says that there will be multiple pigs building the portals, which will take days to build 30 of them. After 10 days of building, the pigs test the portals and some fail and some work. Ultra Master Pig commands Corporal Pig to fix the remaining portals so Project Pig Takeover can progress.

While Elite tells the Slingshot Strike Force that they will be facing an army of pigs coming to take over the world, Red hears footsteps from the walls and commands the rest of the team to go outside and see what it is. Elite then says that Project Pig Takeover has commenced after Ultra Master Pig says his speech about the plan to take over the world. The Slingshot Strike Force then fight the pigs that emerged from the portal, with Elite throwing a Pig car into an empty field. During the battle, Freckled is kidnapped by Ultra Master Pig which makes King Pig break down into tears.

Elite then fights the remaining pigs while the birds and pigs split up because they had to find Freckled. At the Pig's base, Ultra Master Pig ask Freckled that Freckled would join the pigs and destroy the Slingshot Strike Force. At first, Freckled retaliates then Corporal Pig places a helmet that mind-controls Freckled. Freckled then accepts the mission and Ultra Master Pig names Freckled Darth Freckled after Darth Vader. Freckled then proceeds to The Mirage Bird where he slaughters the hotel guests.

At Stratospig,Red finds Corporal Pig and they proceed to battle each other throughout the base and hotel. Elsewhere in Las Redgas,when Elite finds out that Freckled has turned evil, Elite travels to the water area of The Mirage Bird covered in lava to face Freckled. Elite then engages Freckled in a duel around The Mirage Bird that ends with Elite shooting Freckled's ears and snout. Freckled then falls down to The Mirage Birds' volcano's edge and falls into the lava. Meanwhile, Red confronts Corporal Pig, in which the latter is defeated due to being electrocuted by Red.

Elite tells the birds,King Pig,and Master Pig that there is still good in Freckled when he returns to the Slingshot Strike Force base below Mandalay Bird. Meanwhile, Ultra Master Pig finds Freckled barely alive on The Mirage Bird and brings him back to Corporal Pig's base, rebuilding Freckled's ruined body with cybernetic ears,an armor, and a respirator. Elite stays the rest of the force's side at The Linq while Darth Freckled launches a plan on Las Redgas.

In a post-credits scene,Ultra Master Pig creates a potion to make someone a perfect addition to the Pig army,setting up Criminegg Minds


In the original first battle scene in the movie, Elite partially destroys a Pig car with his body and throws it to the left side into the Trump Tower, making it implode due to the fuel used by the car. Due to Tran thinking that there would be controversy about Donald Trump and the Tower itself, the scene is reshot with Elite doing the same thing but he throws it to the right and the car exploding on an empty field next to the Las Redgas International Airport.