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Ultron pig

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The Angry Birds 14: Pig Vengeance




20th Century Fox
Columbia Pictures
Universal Pictures
Paramount Pictures

The Angry Birds 14: Pig Vengeance is a movie


Not much is known but Ultra Master Pig creates a bird named Gale, 999,999,999,999,999,999 pigs are about to destroy Las Redgas,and the post credits scene which Red and Johnny Pigdestroyer encounter Willow,one of the Angry Birds Stella Birds,in the Angry Birds House


Damien Tran as Johnny Pigdestroyer (Elite)/Voices of Matt Tilda,Freckled,and Ultron Pig

Danny Devito as Voice of Red

Danny Trejo as Voice of Chuck

Moisés Arias as Voice of The Blues

Arnold Schwarzenegger as Voice of Bomb

Josh Brolin as Voice of Hal

Tommy Lee Jones as Voice of Terence

Tom Cruise as Voice of Bubbles

Ariel Winter as Voices of Stella and Female Red

Britney Spears as Voice of Matilda

Vin Diesel as Voices of Corporal Pig and Master Pig

Steve Carell as Voice of King Pig

Robin Williams as Voices of Foreman Pig and Professor Pig

Macklemore as Voice of MacklePig

Ryan Lewis as Voice of Piggy Lewis

Anna Faris as Voice of Birdmantha

Lady Gaga as Voice of Gale,the Bad Princess Bird

Elizabeth Banks as Voice of Willow,the Light Blue Bird (cameo in post-credit scene)


  • Even though Gale's theme is G.U.Y., Lady Gaga voices her.