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The Angry Birds 8: The Pig's Purge
The Angry Birds 8
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The music from The Purge

The Angry Birds 8: The Pig's Purge is a movie based on The Purge.


In the year 2044, The United Birds became "a big flop" thanks to the Bad Piggy Force (BPF). Crime and unemployment rates are hitting an all-time low due to Ultra Master Pig having instituted an annual 24-hour period called "the Pig's Purge" during which all pig activity (including murder,theft,rape,and destroying buildings) becomes legal. The only rules during the Pig's Purge is that Ultra Master Pig officials of "ranking 20 or higher" must remain unharmed and usage of weaponry above "Class 8" (such as WMDs and Gun/Slingshots) is forbidden. Also,emergency services (including the Angry Birds Bad Piggies Elite Slingshot Strike Force (A.B.B.P.E.S.S.F)) are suspended during this time and anyone who doesn't follow the rules of the Pig's Purge will be killed and eaten by Ultron Pig. The Pig's Purge is designed to act as a Bad Piggy for the American Birds and Pigs, so that they may vent all negative emotions and repressed urges however and on whomever they desire.

Elite is still at home at his room at Mandalay Bird with his Angry Birds,and the pigs,Freckled and King Pig in Las Redgas,Nevada. Elite has cameras everywhere in his room blocking the door to exit and enter—that are specifically designed for the Pig's Purge. King Pig tells Elite's still-wife, Stella, the pigs have been gossiping that the extension on Mandalay Bird was financed by the security systems which Elite has them in the first place.

At the A.B.B.P.E.S.S.F base,Stella has to do some research on the pig's body. Elite has to do plans to seek the pigs that are hiding,which made him enraged by seeking out Ultra Master Pig rebuilding the Impigial Palace which Elite destroyed the sign and the letters making an alteration to turn the hotel into The Quad. The birds, Red and Bomb are making a machine when they find Corporal Pig who sneaked into the base before the lockdown to convince the birds,pigs,and Elite to bless their hard work and figured that the base won't be terminated forever during the Pig's Purge. At 7:00 P.M., an Emergency Broadcast System message appears on the base's TV screen, telling the United Birds the rules of the Pig's Purge and that all emergency services (including the Angry Birds Bad Piggies Elite Slingshot Strike Force) will be shut down for the 24-hour period. Sirens start blaring outside, commencing the start of the annual Pig's Purge.

The force watches the events of the Pig's Purge unfold via the video monitors on Elite's Computer in the base and they noticed Master Pig in the room pleading for help. Red deactivates the security system and lets him in. Elite intercepts Master Pig and holds him at gunpoint. A minion pig appears with a handgun and opens fire on Elite,this apparently having been his plan all along in order to carry on the pig force. Elite fatally shoots the Minion Pig, and in the confusion Master Pig escapes to hide within the house. Elite then goes off in search of his Angry Birds,Bad Piggies,and Master Pig.

A group of masked Pigs led by a sadistic pig in a suit known as Piglite Leader approach the base looking for Master Pig. They threaten to kill everyone inside unless the bird force has surrounded Master Pig, whose baselessness they claim makes him a good candidate for pig's purging. Elite admits to Stella that the security system was designed to act as a deterrent, but not to withstand any number of aggressive assaults. Red finds Master Pig and leads him into a secret hiding place. However,Red and Bomb are held captive by Master Pig after they inadvertently stumble into his hiding place. Elite arrives and subdues Master Pig,planning to turn him over to his pursuers outside. However, the A.B.B.P.E.S.S.F have a change of heart after realizing they are becoming essentially no different from the purgers outside. The Piglite Leader, seemingly unsatisfied, announces that their time is up. Using chains and 2 vehicles from Bad Piggies, the Pig's Purgers tear down the metal walls and enter the base, and the A.B.B.P.E.S.S.F are forced to defend themselves

Elite sees two of the pigs in his underground lair. He kills the first attacker by shooting her in the snout with a shotgun and kills the second by throwing the pig's face into The Blackout,an indestructible car,then Elite gets to the car and is dragging the second pig's head on the tires, running him over. Another Pig Purger tries to kill Elite but Elite grabs a lightsaber,turns it on, and slices the Pig Purger into quarters,killing him. He leaves the room but is stabbed by the Piglite leader and the Piglite Leader shot Red. As Stella is about to be killed, One of the mechanical pigs from the fourth movie,killed and rebooted as a battle for the pigs,comes to the force's aide. Chuck and Hal shoot Stella's attackers and Stella goes in search for her A.B.B.P.E.S.S.F. After locating Stella,a dying Elite and a dying Red, the Piglite leader attempts to kill them, but Female Red and Matilda emerge from the door and shoot him dead with their slingshots. The pigs then enter the base, having killed the remainder of the Pig's Purgers. Although Stella thanks the pigs, they reveal that they have come to kill the A.B.B.P.E.S.S.F as the opportunity for this patriotic duty happens to coincide with their hatred for the force's hard work

Just as the pigs are about to kill the A.B.B.P.E.S.S.F, Master Pig comes to the force's aide. He kills The Collector Pig with his handgun and holds the remaining force at gunpoint. Deciding that too many pigs have already been killed and to ensure the force lives with their work, Stella spares their lives. They sit at the base's Red-shaped table and patiently await the end of the pig's purge. In one last desperate act, Female Pig tries to grab Stella's slingshot, but Stella beats Female Pig's face with the handle of the slingshot and slams Female Pig's face on the table. The surviving pigs (except for Master Pig,who decides to join the A.B.B.P.E.S.S.F) leave the house and walk away as sirens outside start blaring again, signaling the end of the Pig's Purge. The A.B.B.P.E.S.S.F (except for Elite and Red) and it's new member, Master Pig, watch emergency services vehicles arrive outside Mandalay Bird to carry away the murdered Pig Purger bodies and the Piglite Leader.

During the credits, there is audio from radio broadcasts stating that this Pig's Purge was the most successful due to the record high number of murders, with stock markets opening high, due to the release of aggression and sales of home defense systems and weapons.

In the post-credits scene,in the A.B.B.P.E.S.S.F's fixing bed, Elite and Red are being rebuilt and fixed,setting up the ninth movie.


Damien Tran as Elite and Voices of Matt Tilda,Freckled,Ultron Pig and Mechanical Pig #1

Danny Devito as Voice of Red

Danny Trejo as Voice of Chuck

Moisés Arias as Voice of The Blues

Arnold Schwarzenegger as Voice of Bomb

Josh Brolin as Voice of Hal

Tommy Lee Jones as Voice of Terence

Tom Cruise as Voice of Bubbles

Jessica Alba as Voice of Stella

Angelina Jolie as Voice of Female Red

Britney Spears as Voice of Matilda

Vin Diesel as Voices of Corporal Pig and Master Pig

Steve Carell as Voice of King Pig

Robin Williams as Voices of Foreman Pig and Professor Pig

Macklemore as Voice of MacklePig

Ryan Lewis as Voice of Piggy Lewis

Justin Timberlake as Voice of Justin Timbirdlake

Pig Purgers

Rhys Wakefield as Voice of Piglite Leader-1

John Weselcouch as Voice of Interrupting Pig Purger-2

Alicia Vela-Bailey as Voice of Female Pig Purger-3

Aaron Kuban as Voice of Pig Purger-4

Boima Blake as Voice of Pig Purger-5

Nathan Clarkson as Voice of Pig Purger-6

Chester Lockhart as Voice of Pig Purger-7

Tyler Jaye as Voice of Pig Purger-8

RJ Wolfe as Voice of Pig Purger-9


  • The cast as the Purgers from The Purge reprise their voice roles as Bad Piggy versions
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