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The Angry Birds Legends (also known as The Angry Birds Expanded Universe) is a branding of non-canon Angry Birds Movie Universe works including comic books,TV specials,video games,and other media. Most of the works under the banner are crossovers with other properties

Non-canon works

TV Specials

TV Series

Comic Books

  • Angry Birds vs. Predator
  • The Angry Birds in the Planet of the Apes
  • The Angry Birds/Star Trek: The Bird Directive
  • The Angry Birds/Sailor Moon
  • Angry Birds/Avengers
  • Judge Dredd/Johnny Pigdestroyer: Judgment on Las Redgas
  • Red's Metropolis
  • The Angry Birds and the Equestria Girls
  • The Angry Birds/Shantae: The Guardians of Scuttle Town
  • The Angry Birds/Nanoha: Slingshot StrikerS
  • Johnny Pigdestroyer vs. the Army of Darkness

Video Games

  • The Angry Birds: Just Dance
  • Lego The Angry Birds: The Video Game
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