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DISCLAIMER: For some reason this is the first result when you search “The Angry Birds Movie 3”. This is a FANON(piece of information 'made up' by fans to supplement their canons) movie and was made BEFORE The Angry Birds Movie 2. Please do not add comments stating that this is fake, or that something else happened.

The Angry Birds Movie 3: A Pirate Drift is a FANON 2021 American 3D CGI-animated action-adventure comedy movie adaptation on the Angry Birds series of video games and will be released in theaters in 3D & REAL D 3D, & 2D May 2nd, 2021. The film is presented by Columbia Pictures and Rovio Animation, CGI-animated at Sony Pictures Imageworks, and financed by Rovio Entertainment. In Finland (Where Angry Birds was originally created), it was distributed by Sony Pictures. It will be released on Digital HD November 26, 2021, and Blu-Ray/DVD November 28, 2021. It is a sequel to Angry Birds Movie 2: A Silver Lining



Life in Mighty Silverdia is amazing the birds and the pigs are getting along perfectly. When Red, Chuck, Bomb, Hal, Bubbles, and Eva are sent to retrieve some items from Bird Island. In the middle of the ocean, the flock gets attacked by Pirates who held them hostage when Eva notices that the pirates have the legendary golden egg who was missing from Mighty Silverdia since months ago from a bird called Monica. And when the flock escapes with the egg but makes it to the wrong island who was ruled by Foreman Pig's son King Smooth Cheeks. Will they be able to save the egg and make it back home safely?


After leaving from Mighty Silverdia, where the peaceful King Birdlays who rules the pig and bird companionship, Chuck, Red, Bomb, Hal, and Bubbles have to retrieve some items from Bird Island, a mile down from Mighty Silverdia, when the birds are still moving in. Eva likes spending time with Edward and Tim, but Eva was sent too. Red has a rough relationship with Eva, so it wasn't a straight-off talk all the time right then, but it got a whole lot worse when halfway there, a pirate ship stopped the birds.

Foreman Pig was there. Then, Foreman Pig took the birds and held them hostage. The birds spotted a golden, sparkling egg. Every bird was thinking the same thing: The legendary egg. Only in storybooks was there evidence of this egg. But then again, Mighty Eagle turned out to be real. But the thing was, how could these pigs steal from Monica and nobody noticed? Then Foreman Pig said that it was their fault he almost starved on their first encounter, and he was getting payback. He made the birds walk the plank. The birds escaped just in time to be stranded on a tropical island infested with venomous snakes and spiders, mean scorpions and crabs, and stingrays that get stranded on the shore anytime you try to swim away.

The next day, an icy blue sea captain that looked just like Terence appeared with a boat. He said his name was Tony, and his crew could harbor them for a while. A while was right! The pig pirates came sailing after them. An intense escape seen followed by an intense fight scene makes this movie more erratic! Then, the birds were re-captured and supposed to be beheaded immediately.

Dread Pirate Red 'Stache with his bulky muscles and the long sword was going to kill them when Captain Tony gave it one more try and, Boom! He got the pigs. But their ship was in bad shape. The weight of the birds would be too much for them to carry.

The birds took control of the pig boat and docked on an island they had never seen before. Then a fat, greedy pig with a crown came to "greet" them. These birds were in for a nasty surprise, and there was no way of getting out. The birds reluctantly followed King Smoothcheeks. It turns out, he was Foreman Pig's son, and he recognized that boat. They were headed into a highly secure dungeon, and they couldn't get out.

When Chuck made a frantic escape, he was successful but left Hal behind. They couldn't go back for him. Coming up in the movie are two stretches: The birds and Hal! Well, the birds were able to get out of the dungeon, but who-knows-what will happen to Hal.

On their way back to bird island, they encountered Captain Tony and his crew. He said his boat had been repaired by crewmen and said he would take them to the safety. Then he noticed Hal was gone and then they saw Hal strapped onto the plank crying for help from the flock, Captain Tony, and his crew quickly escape but The flock was onto them the race went on all the way to the King Smoothcheeks island, After an insane battle they rescue Hal, then accidentally bring a crew of pigs and a nasty Corporal along with them.

Uh-oh! They get taken to Bird Island, but they couldn't get the Legendary Egg! Corporal Pig and his minions were running after them. The birds hid, then found the items. They took them and were on their way back, but Corporal Pig and his crew found them. He was going to attack them. They got onto a spare boat, and then, Corporal Pig hung to the side of the boat. Another intense fight scene, while Eva manages to pull them to Mighty Silverdia, Corporal Pig was there. They set him off, and he went flying into the ocean, and he was actually holding the Legendary Golden Egg, which was tossed up, and Bomb caught it.

Luckily there were no birds left on Bird Island! The birds and pigs went back to normal life, and everything was fine. They had the Legendary Golden Egg AND the other items. They became worshiped, but they were still wondering how the pigs snuck the Legendary Golden Egg out right under Monica's beak. Then, to add to the twist was a short ending scene: Corporal Pig and Captain Tony's crew climbing onto Foreman Pig's boat, then going past Mighty Silverdia. Then he glares at the island and says "I will have payback."


  • When the birds get stranded on the island, they actually take a while living in a harsh environment before Captain Tony shows up, and they have lack of food and water when Hal tries to eat a berry that made him puke all over everyone, then pass out. It is discovered that when Bubbles does not have water, he inflates randomly whether he wants to or not.
  • The first line is spoken by Monica, 4 months before the real plot starts.


Story Writers

FANDOM Creeper and Funnybone111


  • Jason Sudeikis - Mighty Red
  • Josh Gad - Chuck
  • Danny McBride - Bomb
  • Justin Timberlake - Captain Tony
  • Kate McKinnon - Eva & Stella
  • Zoe Saldana - Rhonda
  • Ned Beatty - King Smoothcheeks
  • Ray Romano - Corporal Pig
  • Josh Peck - Glass eyed
  • Adam Devine - Bubbles
  • Pete Docter - Hal
  • Fergal Reilly - Foreman Pig
  • Kelsey Grammar - Dread Pirate Red 'Stache
  • Mel Blanc - Dumb Deckswabber
  • Alison Brie - Shira
  • Chris Pratt - Pirate Pete
  • Tara Strong - Pigs
  • Maya Rudolph - Matilda
  • Peter Dinklage - Mighty Eagle
  • Jessie J - Princess Rebecca (Ruby)
  • Rebel Wilson - Silver
  • Sean Penn - Terence
  • Keegan-Michael Key - Judge Peckinpah
  • Tony Hale - Cyrus and Ross
  • Jesse Tyler Ferguson - Greg
  • Keke Palmer - Sophie Stars
  • Jesse Eisenberg - King Birdlays
  • Noah Schnapp - Jay
  • Owen Wilder Vaccaro - Jake
  • Pierce Gagnon - Jim
  • Tabitha St. Germain - Valerie (Sophie's Friend)
  • Lauren Faust - Poppy & Courtney (Sophie's Friend)
  • Max Charles - Bobby
  • Jillian Bell - Helene & Dahlia
  • Cristela Alonzo - Shirley
  • Danielle Brooks - Monica the Crossing Guard Bird
  • Romeo Santos - Early Bird
  • Geoffrey Arend - Day Care Teacher
  • Ava Acres - Timothy
  • Kristen Stewart - Gale
  • Thiago Nigro - investmentbird


  • The character Captain Tony is based off the character Tony from the angry birds series
  • This is the only Angry Birds Movie without Leonard.
    • Although Leonard is mentioned in the movie, he doesn't make an appearance.
    • The most notable mention is when the birds say that King Leonard got eaten up by the Flarbgoo Monster on Bird Island when they were stranded on the tropical island. This points to King Leonard going to Bird Island and dying there.
    • On chapter ay metionetd Selen