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The Angry Birds Movie Universe


Rovio Studios

Original work

The Angry Birds (2019)

The Angry Birds Movie Universe is a media franchise and shared fictional universe that is centered on a series of action films, independently produced by Rovio Studios and is based on the Angry Birds video games. The franchise has expanded to include television series,comic books, and a video game.


Television series[]

Video Game[]


For more information about non-canon works set in this universe,see The Angry Birds Legends

Originally,The Angry Birds Go to the Movies is canon to the Movie Universe,but is actually declared non-canon.


  • August 2007 to June 2010: Red's years at Angry Birds High School
  • May 2008: Red gets his form as Sailor Red at ABHS
  • June 2008: The Angry Bird Identification team is established
  • September 2013: Red forms an elite force when pigs from different dimensions go to Piggy Island
  • June 2019: The Angry Birds and Freckled landed in Hollywood. Elite teams up with the birds and the pig to defeat the enemy pigs,who have arrived in Hollywood
  • July 2021: Elite,the Angry Birds,and Freckled move to Las Redgas. Elite formed a team of Angry Birds and pigs,known as the Angry Birds Bad Piggies Elite Slingshot Strike Force