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The Angry Birds and the Equestria Girls: Matt and the Dazzlings


Rovio Comics
IDW Publishing

The Angry Birds and the Equestria Girls: Matt and the Dazzlings is a comic book that is a spin-off of The Angry Birds and the Equestria Girls franchise. It takes place after the events of Matt and the Rainbooms. Like the franchise that spawned it,it is labeled with the Angry Birds Legends banner,making it non-canon to the Angry Birds Movie Universe.


The former Dazzlings,Adagio Dazzle,Aria Blaze,and Sonata Dusk cope about losing the battle of the bands to the Rainbooms. Matt Tilda came to the three girls and talk about the battle. He tells them he was part of the Rainbooms and convinces the girls to resolve their differences. Aria stops the conversation between him and the girls and just let them be. Matt requests the former Dazzlings to go out with him in which they accept. They walk around exploring the places in the world and talk about what happened before the Dazzlings showed up at Canterlot High School.

Sonata suggested Matt that they should eat at a taco place because she and the other girls miss Taco Tuesday but he tells her that they can't yet because he's not really used to the new world. They instead go to the Sweet Shoppe in which Matt talks about comparing the shoppe to the one coffee place he usually goes to and the school. Adagio said that the tour is fun and all but she and the other girls think that there's still time to cope about the loss. They walk back to the high school and see Sunset,Twilight,and the other Angry Birds,much to the other birds' surprise. Red couldn't believe that Matt has become friends with the Dazzlings after he defeated them in the battle of the bands. Adagio tells them that it's going to be alright and she and the other girls now reform and join the other girls. Matt suggested another tour of Canterlot to the other girls and the other Angry Birds in which they accept.

While Matt,the Angry Birds,the Mane 6,and the former Dazzlings explore Canterlot again,they pass a rival school called Crystal Prep Academy. Matt stops while seeing it and says that Canterlot High is much better than Crystal Prep. As they walk away from Crystal Prep, Red talks about the other school in which he says that what could go wrong with the school and they laugh. Inside Crystal Prep,the alternative world's counterpart of Twilight Sparkle studies the outflux of magical activity around Canterlot High School,setting up The Angry Birds in the Friendship Games.

In a post-credit page,a pig is seen on the stage where the battle of the bands was held and sees the broken pendants from the Dazzlings in which he says to Ultra Master Pig that he has found it,setting up one of the movies in the Angry Birds Movie Universe.


  • Matt
  • Adagio
  • Sonata
  • Aria
  • Red
  • Bomb (non-speaking cameo)
  • Matilda (non-speaking cameo)
  • Stella (non-speaking cameo)
  • Terence (non-speaking cameo)
  • Hal (non-speaking cameo)
  • Bubbles (non-speaking cameo)
  • Female Red (non-speaking cameo)
  • Twilight (non-speaking cameo)
  • Twilight (Sci-Twi) (cameo)
  • Pinkie Pie (non-speaking cameo)
  • Rainbow Dash (non-speaking cameo)
  • Applejack (non-speaking cameo)
  • Fluttershy (non-speaking cameo)
  • Rarity (non-speaking cameo)
  • Sunset (non-speaking cameo)
  • Unknown Pig (cameo)

CD audio play adaptation

A CD audio play adaptation of the comic book is being developed with some of the cast reprising their roles from Matt and the Rainbooms.

Cast for the adaptation

Damien Tran as Matt (credited)/Red (credited)/Unknown Pig (uncredited)

Kazumi Evans as Adagio

Cherami Leigh as Sonata

Natilie Palamides as Aria

Tara Strong as Twilight (Sci-Twi) (archival audio from the post-credits scene of Rainbow Rocks)


  • Even though the comic is non-canon,the post-credits page with the unknown pig is canon as it will set up a future movie in the ABMU
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