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The Angry Birds and the Part-Time Heroes


Disney Television Animation


Disney XD

The Angry Birds and the Part-Time Heroes is a crossover between the Angry Birds franchise and Penn Zero: Part-Time Hero, in a temporary revival of the latter, that will air on Disney XD. It will be split into two parts. Even though it takes place during the events of The Angry Birds 14: Pig Vengeance, it is branded with The Angry Birds Legends banner, making it non-canon to the Movie Universe.


Part 1

When the Slingshot Strike Force was about to kill some of Ultra Master Pig's minion pigs, Corporal Pig unleashes a device that sends the team to a different dimension. In the new dimension, Middleburg, they meet Penn, Sashi and Boone and go on missions with them in order to help get back to their dimension.

Part 2

After getting back to their dimension, the Slingshot Strike Force fight another army of pigs summoned from rebuilt portals by Corporal Pig. Meanwhile, Rippen, in pig form, is planning to defeat the Slingshot Strike Force and the three Heroes so they can take over Las Redgas. Elite and Red send backup to the Penn, Sashi and Boone to defeat Rippen and Corporal Pig, all while dealing with the other pigs.


Damien Tran as:

Kevin Michael Richardson as:

  • Bomb
  • Terence

Tara Strong as Stella

Jessica DiCicco as Matilda

Grey Griffin as Birdmantha Pigdestroyer

Thomas Middleditch as Penn

Amanda Leighton as Sashi

Adam DeVine as Boone

Larry Wilmore as:

  • Larry
  • Minion Pigs

Jim Meskimen as Rippen

Christine Marie Cabanos as Gale


  • Each part has a plot reversal. Part 1 has the Strike Force go to Middleburg where they meet the Heroes while Part 2 has these characters go into the former's dimension as backup to the team.
  • Some of the pigs from Red and His Elite Force make an appearance in Part 2 of the special.
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