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Original Egg Beater Flock

The Original Egg Beater Flock: Red, Blue, Yellow, Black, Green and Big Brother.

The Egg Beater Flock are a flock of birds that all of them drop eggs, like our lovable Matilda. Each Egg Beater is a different color.

List of Egg Beaters[]

Original Flock[]

  • Red Egg Beater: Says Cawwaah! and drops an egg.
  • Blue Egg Beater: Splits into three small egg beaters and all three drop eggs.
  • Yellow Egg Beater: Speeds up and drops an egg.
  • Black Egg Beater: Explodes and an egg pops out and explodes too.
  • Green Egg Beater: Acts as a boomerang and spits an egg out of its beak.
  • Big Brother Egg Beater: Spits an egg out of its beak and then causes destruction like Terence.

New Members of the Flock[]

  • Mighty Egg Beater: Crashes into the surface, and then drops egg bombs when it leaves.
  • Orange Egg Beater: Inflates and spits out an egg bomb.
  • Pink Egg Beater: Right when you fire it, it spits out an egg bomb and then when it gets on the surface after 2 seconds bubbles appear capturing blocks and pigs up and then down.
  • Silver Egg Beater: Does an anticlockwise 360° loop and shoots an egg bomb to the left before slamming into the ground.

Star Wars Members[]

Currently, there is only one:

  • Luke Skywalker Egg Beater: Attacks with a lightsaber and spits out an egg bomb at the same time.


  • All the egg beaters are identical to Matilda the White Bird.