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The Blues, the leader of the new flock are the blue birds of Angry Birds Epic Unexpected Adventure and they're the primary characters, replacing Red from the Angry Birds series.

The Blues isn't just a prankster, they are the feisty and chivalrous birds. They're clever, understanding and sociable. They used to be best friends with Red, but they became blinded by pride, talent and color. Now they're off to save and restore Piggy Island, even though it means they're not friends with Red. When the flock members go too far, they always forgive them in the end - because that's what friends do! The Blues are now the center of attention - after all, they begin the new adventure! So they love all the care and everything they get from their friends. However, them and the flock sadly misses Red, their left - out flock member, and tries to get a sense of what's really happening there.


The Blues, loyal and eager, gets outraged when it comes to danger and the left - out former destroying the natural Piggy Island. They are understanding and sociable and often get themselves into making an appearance, causing the Flock to have to intervene. They are the youngest members of The Flock. Like the other birds, they are fond of talent, color, and pride, and they visit Matilda and Bubbles often, according to the Toons Diaries and in other products. In the Toons, they are loyal, understanding, and sometimes playful. All the Birds treat The Blues specially, as they are natural leaders. For example, Matilda would teach them nature and other skills, Stella would play with them, Piggy McCool teaching them to eat healthy, and Bubbles to teach art and to look after them. 

Loyal, understanding and sociable, you make your voice heard but are also a great listener. Your social nature, talent and great conversational skills earn you a lot of friends. On the flip side, your people-pleasing personality means that you take criticism especially hard.  

Say hello to Jim, Jake and Jay: AKA the Blues! These fun-loving and chivalrous little birds are identical triplets with identical personalities. But don’t fool them – they get very upset when the birds are doing something behind their back! Jay has a hidden feather on his back that’s a darker shade of blue. And Jake has a slightly better sense of smell. So you see, completely different! The Blues are the leaders of the flock who love more than nothing and getting up to their skills. Their talent is what they do best – like the time they swept up the colors as they paint and then called over their friends to deal with the best colorful creation ever known to all. These guys may have a carefree attitude, but they’re also super-smart. When playing a trick they find clever ways to hide their tracks and keep everyone guessing! And how about this for a special power...? They cling on to each other to look like a chain, and then in flight unleash a surprise three-way boost flash attack to wash out their enemies from different directions! Just until there’s more adventures. If the Blues are the young little hatchlings looking over the flock, then they have went to different ways. When they have to close their boiling point, they quickly show those royal eyes and then it’s impossible to stay mad at them! The Blues never ever give up! It’s part of their lifetime to just keep going and going – no matter how filthy this may be!


Color, talent and a bit of mayhem! And also their golden rule.


That feeling of dullness when the magic colors and gold runs out.

Favorite Modes of Transport[]

Vines, swings, and slides!

Fab Facts[]

Their special skills helps the flock to restore Piggy Island - while they are improving them, they are compelled to venture because they think they're loyal!