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The Lava Legend is a story written by PoppyWolfMoon involving the Unique Flock and Riba's Clan.



Not much is exactly known about the story of the comic as it was forgotten and cancelled long after the third page was made, what was known was that is was going to be a chapter-based story.


It is unknown if other characters were planned to be shown later down the road. But the characters that have currently been shown are of the following:


  1. Reece
  2. Rainbow
  3. Cloudifer
  4. Bounci


  1. Piggy
  2. Riba
  3. Minion Pigs



  • This technically counts as the first ever drawn story about the Unique Flock to ever be made.
  • Ironically, Poppy is actually the first person to ever make a full on story-driven comic about the Unique Flock.
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