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The Mighty Toucan is a bird in the upcoming Angry Birds game Angry Birds: Revenge of the Pigs. It is a larger relative of the Boomerang Bird and it is bigger than The Mighty Eagle--in fact, The Mighty Toucan killed The Mighty Eagle!  Its mortal enemies are King Pig and Invisa Pig, because no matter how many times he defeats them they keep coming back.  But he keeps coming back too. (Get it? That's his power.) The Mighty Toucan helps the Angry Birds , but he only does it because they give him first class bird seed.  His brother is Parabeaks. These are more attributes The Mighty Toucan has:

  • He can fly, but he has no wings (he actually flies with his beak).
  • He will make his debut in Angry Birds Revenge of the Pigs promo video along with Parabeaks, Invisa Pig, and the Big Brother Bird
  • The plush version will be the size of a large bean bag, but it will still make noise.
  • It makes the same sound as The Mighty Eagle .
  • In Angry Birds Rio, he killed Rafael the Toucan from the movie Rio.