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The Unexpected Chase is the 55th episode after The Drift.


Bubbles, Chuck, Bomb, The Blues and Willow have a relaxing day outside. Can Bubbles notice what is going on in the storm before the despise?


Bubbles and his friends were just on a happy relaxing day. Days later it turned stormy and they were still relaxing. Bubbles said a english sentence "Get your mocker packster!". Chuck keeps getting scared of lightning and Bomb created a volcano out of rocks and puts himself there to rest and explode like a real volcano. The Blues are with Bubbles but they turned hyper and started to blow up. Chuck was looking around for danger, but saw a bird looking at him. Bomb was still testing if he can explode in such medium volcano. Willow was very serious and she did the Vortex Spin. Chuck was backing up at an evil bird. He said another sentence "Run for your lives!". Bubbles and The Blues was gone and was chased in despise by their leader. Chuck, Bomb, and Willow tried to save them. First, Chuck was attracted to flowers. Bomb turned back and launched himself on a volcano he made. Willow got nothing and kept teleporting. When The Blues and Bubbles are nearly in danger, Bubbles stood off with his bravest face and they were free again. The bird leader Red was shocked to see Bubbles' bravest face and ran away. Chuck gets an unknown reply and screamed. Then he fainted in the end.


  • This is the 3rd appearance of Bubbles, 23rd appearance of Red, 25th appearance of Bomb, 1st appearance of Willow, 21st appearance of Chuck.
  • This is the first time Bubbles said an english sentence. The first being The Erupted.
  • This is the 4th time Red showed his evil face. The first being Egg Sounds, the second Egg's Day Out, the third The Truce.
  • This is the 2nd time Chuck said a sentence. The first being Thunder Chuck.
  • This is the only episode Bomb had mastered the element of creativity.
  • This is the 3rd episode The Blues were fighting an enemy. The first being Piggy Wig. The second The Doomsday.