This is the 2nd Episode of Angry Birds Ninja - TV. Redbird07 will make the title card soon.


  • (Angry Birds Ninja TV appears)
  • (Title Card)
  • Red Bird: I can see trees!
  • Red Bird: Phew! I'm ok!
  • (French Bird comes - again)
  • French Bird: Etes-vous ok? (Are you ok?)
  • Red Bird: What!?
  • French Bird: Je ne comprends pas. (I don't understand.)
  • French Bird: Si vous ne pouvez pas comprendre comme, lisez ceci! (Gives French-English book) (If you don't understand me, read this!)
  • Red Bird: (Reading cover) Le livre de l'anglais-français...The book of English-French.
  • Red Bird: (Reads book, knows French) Oui. Je suis ok. (Yes. I'm ok.)
  • French Bird: Bon. Je parlais à un Yellow Bird. Vous le connaissez? (Good. I was talking to a Yellow Bird. Do you know him?)
  • Red Bird: Oui. Il fait partie de mon groupe, et mon meilleur ami. (Yes, He is part of my group, and my best friend.)
  • French Bird: Au revoir! (Goodbye!)
  • Red Bird: Attendez! Vous ne voulez pas votre livre? (Wait! Don't you want your book?)
  • French Bird: Vous le garder. (You keep it)
  • Red Bird: Cool! I met French Bird...where is Yellow anyway?
  • (Text "To be continued..." appears)
  • (Episode ends)
  • (Credits)
  • (Redbird07 Films)
  • (Hawaii Matrix Films)
  • (Twentieth Slingshot)
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