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Theta Computer Entertainment and Intelligence


2013 (Renowned in 2015)

Founded by


Theta Computer Entertainment and Intelligence Inc. (TCEI) is a Gaming Company created by Cherylfrancis3000. TCEI usually creates games based on Futurism, or Educational Subjects such as Math or Science. It's Headquarters (NOT REAL) is located in the Philippines, and is under renowning. This was formerly called "Canaria-Planet Games". 


Near Completion/Released[]

Angry Birds Heaven Aviators - The Angry Birds fight the Pigs and the Quarzer/Fish Army in a Futuristic Time, where Gods ruled the Universe. The Latest game currently. 

Bad Piggies:Red Giant - The Pigs are struggling to survive and defeat the Birds under the march of the Red Giant.

Angry Birds Philippines - The Birds' eggs are stolen again by the Pigs, but this time in the Philippines.

Angry Birds: Undersea Exploration - Angry Birds and Pigs fighting under the water.

Angry Birds Titanic - An Angry Birds redesign of Titanic, but as a game.

Angry Birds Defense 2

Angry Birds:Earth Odysey -Involves the Birds not in Angry Birds Space.

Games Under Development[]

Angry Parobirds - Angry Birds game based on the Parodius Series, which is a Game Series by Konami that is based off the Gradius Series.

Cancelled/ Under Stasis Games[]

Angry Birds:1945

Angry Birds 3000 - Deleted because it was a Movie, not a game.

Angry birds:Antartica Exploration

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