TIFFANY: Adventures on Colorful Island is a fan made series made by one of the biggest modern Angry Birds fans around the world, Tiffany Fisher. The series is about Tiffany's creative adventures in her world called Colorful Island where creativity never ends. It is originally a YouTube series on Tiffany Fisher Artist's YouTube channel that is currently at 311 subscribers. The YouTube series "Tiffany: Adventures on Colorful Island" first premiered on Tiffany Fisher Artist's YouTube channel on April 7, 2018. There was a sneak peek episode before the release of series which turned out really bad. And it is currently deleted off the channel. The first season of the Tiffany's Colorful Island adventures was considered a failure in the past due to bad animation and bad storylines. However at episode 11, it gotten better and funnier since the episode 10 ended it's plush video form... The first season had most episodes in a form of a plush video which failed due to lazy set ups, bad voice acting, and bad camera quality.. However Tiffany Fisher announced a second season to happen and premiere in early 2019 which will permanently continue the series as in animation. She also opened up a community voice acting audition September 30, 2018 to get more people in the Angry Birds fandom to cast and voice act her characters for her Adventures on Colorful Island and she promised and trusts the community to help her make Season 2 of her Adventures on Colorful Island a success.

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