Time Bird
[[Time Bird|{{{imagewidth}}}px]]
General Info
Powers Makes everything go in slow motion
First Level Appearance: {{{firstlevel}}}
Gender: Unknown
Species: Humming Bird
Locations: Angry Birds: 50
Strength: Weak
Size: Large

Time Bird is a new Bird with the ability to make everything go in slow motion. Some say that the Time Bird is completely useless and a waste of Time. It also appears in Angry Birds RPG 2: Pig Takeover, the sequel to Angry Birds RPG. Here, Time Bird shows the ability to warp time & space. He is one of the most important characters in the game. In the game, after the Birds are tricked by Professer Pig in disguise, Time Bird goes back in time with the flock to throw the Mecha Pig battle. When Prof. Pig sheds his disguise, Time Bird is enraged, trying to ram Prof. Pig, only to be blocked by a force field, though he manages to send the Mad Doctor flying when his back is turned. The Time Bird then acts as a guide from that point forward.


  • He is similar to Time Man from Mega Man.
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