Quotation1.png YOU IDIOT! WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?!? Quotation2.png
— Time Gobbler Bird

Time Gobbler Bird
Time Gobbler Bird.png
General Info
Powers Sending you back 2 minutes
First Level Appearance: Angry Birds : Time Villians
Gender: Male
Species: Time corrupted northern cardinal
Locations: Time Villian Games
Strength: Extremely Strong
Size: Medium

Gobbler Bird is the 1 of 5 main villains in Angry Birds: Time Villians and Angry Birds Time Travel. He is the weakest of the Time Villains, and he will appear in Angry Birds Rio Episode in Angry Birds: Time Villians. He is the leader of the time birds, and is an evil version of the Red Bird. His larger counterpart is Big Time Gobbler Brother Bird.

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