Total Drama gry Birds is a TV (Short Movie) Series based of the real series Total Drama.


Team Angry

  • Red Bird

  • Blue Bird
  • Yellow Bird
  • Black Bird
  • White Bird
  • Boomerang Bird
  • Big Brother Bird
  • Orange Bird

Team Bad

  • Small Pig
  • Medium Pig

  • Large Pig
  • Mustache Pig
  • Helmet Pig
  • King Pig
  • Chef Pig
  • Postman Pig
  • Female Pig
  • Nigel
  • Mauro


  1. Welcome to TDAB
  2. Winter Wonderland
  3. This is Hamo-o-Ween!
  4. Luck of the Irish
  5. Happy Birrday
  6. It's FREE with magic!
  7. A Holiday in Rio
  8. The Hunt is on: Search for the Golden Pistachio
  9. Volcanic Adventure
  10. Giant Easter Bunny of Easter!
  11. Enter the Chrome Diemension
  12. Lost in Space
  13. You're on thin Ice
  14. Castaways Part One
  15. Castaways Part Two
  16. Pinic on Mt.Fuiji
  17. In a Galaxy Not So Far Away
  18. Knock on Wood
  19. The Extremely Late Aftermath I

Epsidoe Overviews

In welcome to TBAD the contestants are introduced and set into teams. The objective of the challange is to Save the egg from the hideout and return it the Pigs get to the egg first and get disstacted by it and try to cook it but they are stopped by the Birds with the classic slingshot, which the pigs loss and the birds win. The Pigs vote off Postman Pig due to him being the weakest player in the team.

In Winter Wonderland the contestants must climb the snow mountain build a slede and race down the Birds are first to get up the mountain and then tnhe Pigs. Ice Cube Bird accidently freezes the Birds slede causing them to fail behind. In anger Black Bird explodes and destroyes the slede, they then have an idea to inflate Orange Bird and use him as a slede winning them the challenge. The Pigs then vote off King Pig because of his bossyness but Mustache Pig went for King Pig instead.

In This is Hamo-o-Ween! The Teams must get the most candy in a limit amount of time. The teams where allowed to scare the other team. The Pigs scared the Birds causing White Bird to drop and explosive egg, Black Bird to Explode and Orange Bird to Inflate and losing the challange. They voted off White Bird.

In Luck of the Irish the teams must collect at least one four leaf clover, find a pot of gold and capture a Leperchurn. The Pigs find all of the items and seem to have one but there four leaf clover was a five leave clover so they lost giving the Birds the win. The Pigs where going to vote off Small Pig but he found the Pot of Gold and the Leprichurn, so they voted Medium Pig of instead.

In Happy Birrday! The Teams have to make a cake using things they find. The Birds make a perfect 4 foot cake, while Team Bad built a bundle of sticks tape together with rocks. The Birds cake fell apart somehow giving the Pigs the win. They got to choose who will go and accidently pick Boomerang Bird.

In It's FREE with magic the teams have to find the magical Bird Pig to heal the host of the deadly sickness. In the end none of the teams one but instead the Magical Bird Pig went to heal the host himself. There was no elimination but Hocky Bird got lost and was never found.

In A Holiday in Rio. Blu makes his first apperence as a demonstarter for the Challenge but later becomes a replacement for Hocky Bird. The Birds have to rescue the other Birds from the Pigs within a timelimit. As usual the Pigs are defeated by the slingshot. The Pigs vote off King Pig for the same reason as before.

In Then Hunt is on: The search for the Golden Pistachio. The tiltle is selfexplantoty the Teams have to find the Golden Pistachio. The Bird find it first but the Pigs make a counterfiet and win the challenge. The Birds lose and send Lazer Bird home but Nigel paid the host to vote off Yellow Bird.

In Volcanic Adventure, the Teams must find a Magma Egg inside a volcano. Ice Cube Bird the melts under pressure and is water for the rest of the episode. The Birds lose their egg when it falls into the lava and cant be retrived. The Birds lose and they vote of Ice Cube Bird.

In the Giant Easter Bunny of Easter the teams had to capture the Giant Easter Bunny of Easter. The Bunny is captured by the Pigs which is stolen by the Birds. In the end there is no elimination only prizes Team Bad get Boomerang Bird but throw him away declining the prize. And Team Angry get and apple which Chef Pig eats. Female Pig becomes sad that King Pig is gone and leaves to see him.

In Love is in the air the teams must find the Cupid Pig and steal his bow and arrow. Team Angry get to Cupid first to get to it but where shot down by the Pigs. The Cupid gives the Pigs the bow and arrows. The Birds then steal the Bow and Arrows and win. The Pigs then vote off Chef Pig.

In Enter the Chrome Diemension the teams must find the three Chrome symbals and bring them back, but Team Angry get lost and lose the challenge. Nigel told Lazer Bird to vote off Blu and tell the others to and he will go to the final three. Lazer Bird does as asked and votes off Blu.

In Lost in Space the Teams get lost in space and the challenge was cancelled and the new challenge was to get back to earth. The Birds win the challange and Pigs send someone home. They vote off Large Pig because he is still lost in space.

In You're on Thin Ice the teams have to make their way through extreme winter conditions in a 2 day hike walking on thin ice (litterally). Team Bird decide to take the mountain trail, whilst Team Pig take the Forrest trail. Both teams get lost in the first 2 hours and are forced to instead survive the next 3 nights replacing the curret challange. To make things harder the show host (dunno who) hired Padawan Bird and Sensai Bird to scare both teams off. Orange, Hockey and Blue were first to be 'eliminated' from the challange and were not safe from being voted-off. On Team Pig Mauro, Helment Pig and Small Pig were not safe aswell leaving Nigel to fend for himself ultimently winning it for team pig. Orange Bird was voted-out for no particular reason.

In Castaways all contestant are shipped away to an Island which is 20mx20m with one Coconut Tree. The eliminated contestants resided at the camp (which is 4 stars) were they made bets who would survive the longest without going insane. It wasn't until 2 weeks, 15 hours, 47 minutes and 24.5 seconds we found a winner. Big Brother Bird had won unknownly knowing that the there were no longer any teams. Boomerang Bird won the bet and sent Mauro home, eventualy going to a mental hospital.

In Castaways Part Two there is no challange due to low funding and lack of resource the contestants are left to fend for themselves...again. In the struggle for survival Black Bird may have accidently killed Helmet Pig, which is to be comfirmed. In hast some left and swam and others stayed eventually having a rescue boat come save them. Although technically Nigel and Small Pig lost the challange for swimming away Helmet Pig was Forced to quit due to being presumed dead.

In Pinic on Mt.Fuji King Pig returns due to funding the show so it can air once again. The challange makes contestants climb Mt.Fuji, Partake in a Japanese Gameshow and finish by making a Pinic under the Golden Cherry Blossom Tree at exactly 3:09pm. In each leg of the race the last 3 to finish that part of the race would be put into the room of shame and will not be safe for elimination. In the first leg the last to finish were Small Pig, Hockey Bird and Laser Bid. In the second it was Black Bird, Nigel and Big Brother Bird leaving Red Bird, Blue Bird and King Pig in the final, which ment nothing because being in the final was a plot twist made by King Pig who got to send someone home that being Blue Bird.

In a Galaxy Not So Far Away the contestants must complete a race around the 'Galaxy' the bottom 5 are put up for Elimination. The Goal is to obtain a Lightsaber, Find their very own Spaceship and go to Tatooine, Deathstar, Hoth and then Endor the first there wins a super cool Lightsaber. In the end Black Bird, King Pig, Nigel, Lazer Bird and Small Pig are up for Elimination, King Pig is chosen to go but due to rights to the show Black Bird is sent home for annoymes reasons. Red Bird obtains a super cool lightsaber, which again goes to King Pig due to ownership rights.

In Knock on Wood the contestants have the chance to show their stuff on the 'Knock on Wood Talent Show*' (*All funding use to go to Angry Birds: Knock on Wood game, but is now going towards funding for King Pig). Each contestant must perform their best infront of 4 judges them being; Stella (Pink Bird), The Hunter , Freddie Mercury (Bird Version) and Chronicler Pig. Below is the Scores of each Contestant:

Contestant Stella's Score The Hunter's Score Freddie Mercury's Score Chronicler Pig's Score Total Score
Red Bird 5/5 3/5 3/5 1/5 12/20
Nigel 2/5 3/5 2/5 5/5 12/20
Hockey Bird 4/5 3/5 3/5 1/5 11/20
Laser Bird 4/5 3/5 4/5 1/5 12/20
Small Pig 3/5 3/5 4/5 5/5 15/20
King Pig 1/5 3/5 1/5 5/5 10/5
Big Brother Bird 5/5 6/5 5/5 5/5


The Chronicler was ordered by King Pig to give every bird (except Nigel) 1/5 and give the Pigs 5/5 but this did not work due to the other judges giving him low scores. The judges gave Big Brother Bird a perfect score for his outstanding performance. Big Brother Bird and Small Pig were the only safe contestants having the highest scores (King Pig was also automatically safe). Laser Bird was voted-out.

In Revenge of the Loser the challange is 'Impress the Losers' were the Contestants must impress the Eliminated Contestants and convince them to vote and save them from being Voted-Out. Throughout the episode Contestants continue to impress the Lossers and gain votes. King Pig states they once again he cannot be Voted-Out, but this was overuled when Mighty Eagle brought the rights to the Show. Seeing this as an oppurtunity the Lossers Voted-Out King Pig.

In the Extremely Late Aftermath I the show has it's first Aftermath thanks to Mighty Eagle the new owner of the show. The show's host Coco Bird and The Red Caged Bird from Angry Birds Rio. They introduce all of the Eliminated Contestants (Lossers), After this is done a screen showing the Prize Money which is 999,999 bird seeds or 1 egg depending on the Winners preference. The Lossers than get a job to keep the prize money from lowering or rising the jobs range from Quizez to weird game show games. In the end the Prize Money is decreased to 5 seeds or a rock. The change is made without the contetanst knowing.

In Enter the World of Facebook

In Omnonnom Fest

In Around the World in 80 Days

In the Final Episode


The Cameos are in the order of episode.

  1. Charcoal Bird made a breif apperence near the start of the episode falling from the sky burning into the water.
  2. The Forest can be seen as a tree in Winter Wonderland which is exploded when Black Bird explodes.
  3. Sensai Bird can be seen in the background training Padawan Bird before they are scared by the Pigs.
  4. Chicken Bird is captured by the Leprechaunrs and is seen wearing a Green Hat with the host.
  5. Tsunami Bird was inside the Bird's Cake which caused it to get destroyed.
  6. The Giant Pig is revealed to be the magic Bird Pig.
  7. Jewel is seen with Blu to demostart the challenge she is launched into the water and is accidently launched into the water.
  8. Thunder Bird can be seen eating Pistachios throughout the episode. He also follows Team Angry and helps them to try and find the Golden Pistachio and eating the ones that arn't Golden.
  9. Fire Bird can be seen with some fire eggs before they are stolen by the pigs.
  10. Crow and be seen eating Apples and started to attack the interns for stealing the Apples which where the prizes.
  11. Brown Bird is seen having a mud bath then smack the interns.
  12. Luke and Darth Vader are seen hopelessly floating in space trying to fight each other.
  13. Ice Bird makes a re-appearence showing him frozen in ice. (Kinda ironic)
  14. A Stromtrooper Pig crashes into the Coconut Tree causing 47% of the contestants to go insane
  15. Luise saves them from the Island
  16. Japanese varient of Red Bird is the Host of Super Fantastic Angry Bird and Bad Piggie Fun Time Game Show (Sugoi! Sugoi! Okotta Tori to Warui Buta Tanoshimi Jikan Asobi Hoso Suro)
  17. The cast of Angry Birds Star Wars are seen throught the episode
  18. Stella (Pink Bird), The Hunter, Freddie Mercury and the Chronicler Pig were the Judges in the talent show
  19. Mighty Eagle buys the Show
  20. Coco Bird and Red Caged Bird are the hosts of the Aftermath

Elimination Table

Contestant Team Team Status Episode Eliminated Elimiantion Place
Postman Pig Bad Non-Merged Welcome to TDAB Voted-Out 23rd
Mustache Pig Bad Non-Merged Winter Wonderland Quit 22nd
White Bird Good Non-Merged This is Ham-o-Ween! Voted-Out 21st
Medium Pig Bad Non-Merged Luck of the Irish Voted-Out 20th
Boomerang Bird Good Non-Merged Happy Birdday! Chossen by Team Bad 19th
Hockey Bird (Returns in Ep 10) Good Non-Merged It's FREE with Magic! Got Lost Returns

King Pig

(Returns in Ep 16)

Bad Non-Merged A Holiday in Rio! Voted-Out (Blu joins) Returns
Yellow Bird Good Non-Merged The hunt is on:Search for the Golden Pistachio Voted-Out 18th
Ice Bird Good Non-Merged Volcanic Adventure Voted-Out 17th
Female Pig Bad Non-Merged Giant Easter Bunny of Easter Quit 16th
Chef Pig Bad Non-Merged Love is in the air Voted-Out 15th
Blu Good Non-Merged Enter the Chrome Diemension Voted-Out 14th
Large Pig Bad Non-Merged Lost in Space Voted-Out 13th
Orange Bird Good Non-Merged Your on thin ice Voted-Out 12th
Mauro Bad Merged Castaways! Eliminated 11th
Helmet Pig Bad Mergerd Castaways Part Two 'Forced' Quit (Presumed Dead) 10th
Blue Bird Good Merged Picnic on Mt.Fuji Eliminated 9th
Black Bird Good Merged In a Galaxy Not So Far Away Voted-Out 8th
Lazer Bird Good Merged Knock on Wood Voted-Out 7th
King Pig Bad Merged Revenge of the Lossers Voted-Out 6th
Red Bird Good Merged Enter the world of Facebook Voted-Out 5th
Nigel Bad Merged Omnomnom Fest Eliminated 4th
Hockey Bird Good Merged

Around the world in 80 Days

Eliminated 3rd
Big Brother Bird Good Merged Final Episode! Runner-Up 2nd
Small Pig Bad Merged Final Episode! Winner 1st


Below is a list of Interns in the show

  • Torpedo Bird (Seen in Ep1,2,3 and 10)
  • Gold Bird (Seen in Ep4 and quit)
  • Thunder Bird (Seen in Ep5,6 and 7 before quiting)
  • Violet Bird (Seen in Ep10 and quit)
  • Orange Bird, in Sakura Ninja outfit (Seen in Ep11 and 12 before quiting)
  • Scarecrow Pig (Seen in Ep13 to end)

No Intern is seen in Episodes 8 and 9. All Interns have quit, besides Torpedo Bird.

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